Experimental Biology 2016, UCC Physiology on the map

5 May 2016

Experimental Biology 2016, UCC Physiology on the map

The Department of Physiology was very well represented at the FASEB 2016 conference in San Diego in early April.

Dr. Dervla O’Malley presented an invited talk in a focussed session, and her PhD trainee Rebecca O’Brien presented a poster communication on their exciting work on gastrointestinal pathophysiology in models of irritable bowel syndrome. PhD trainees Karen O’Connor, Andrew O’Leary, and David Burns were also in action at the meeting with poster communications and two oral communications. Karen presented work from her undergraduate BSc Physiology project (skeletal muscle oxidative capacity in respiratory patients) and engaged in various sessions directly related to her current PhD project (microbiome and cardiorespiratry control). David presented his work on respiratory dysfunction in the mdx mouse model of muscular dystrophy at a trainee breakfast session organised by the Respiration section of the American Physiological Society (APS). Andrew presented an invited talk in the APS Hypoxia session on his work on deleterious effects of acute hypoxia on diaphragm muscle performance. Professor Ken O’Halloran and colleagues from The Physiological Society met with APS counterparts to discuss the joint meeting between the two societies which will be held in Dublin (July 29-31, 2016) and additional future collaborative plans. Other business conducted before the science got underway included meetings with representatives from the International Union of Physiological Sciences to consider plans for the 2017 meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the British Pharmacological Society and the Biochemical Society to consider collaborative efforts between the Societies; and the Experimental Physiology Editorial Board meeting. The meeting was a great success in terms of exposure for all to world-class research and the opportunity to put down a marker for UCC Physiology. Professor O’Halloran commented: “I am delighted that we were in a position to support postgraduate trainees who were wonderful ambassadors for the department and for UCC at this great event. Their excellent work and their enthusiasm for sharing it at the meeting and embracing the opportunities afforded to them by the host societies was impressive. Dr. O’Malley gave a wonderful lecture to a packed auditorium confirming that she is a rising star in the exciting field of gastrointestinal physiology. Financial support provided by The Physiological Society to trainees is graciously acknowledged”.

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