Major International Role for Head of Department

8 Sep 2014

Professor Ken O'Halloran was recently appointed Meetings Secretary of the Physiological Society (UK and Ireland).

He will chair the Society's Meetings Committee with responsibility for developing and overseeing the strategic planning and funding of scientific meetings and workshops, and to recognise and promote excellence in physiology through scientific meetings. Professor O'Halloran is a trustee of the Society elected to Council by the Society membership in 2012. He will join the Society's executive committee (2014-18).

The inaugural meeting of Professor O'Halloran's tenure is also a first for the Society with the introduction of Topic Meetings. Obesity - A Physiological Perspective will be held in Newcastle, UK October 10-12, 2014 in keeping with the Society's 2014 theme of "Understanding Obesity". UCC will be represented at the meeting by Maria Buckley (Department of Physiology: O'Malley Lab) and researchers from the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience (Schellekens and Cryan Labs).

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