Model (S) Volume 3

Volume 3 (S): Scientific/ Services Hazards Checklists-

‌‌‌‌‌‌Normal/Universal Work Hazards Special Work Hazards 
19.3.1 General-Workplace-Safety-Checklist-July2020 19.3.11 Construction-Checklist
19.3.2 Work-Equipment-Machinery-Checklist Laboratory-Workplace-and-Environmental-Checklist

19.3.3 Manual-Handling-Checklist-05-03-12

Manual-Handling-Simple/ General MH RA Laboratory-Equipment-and-Apparatus-Checklist

Note: Form is an aide to more indepth MH RA of complex shaped items or complex activities and in areas such as store rooms, equipment room or post rooms.

Form Manual-Handling-Self-Assessment-Checklist for Indepth MH RA Chemical-Storage-Usage-and-Disposal-Checklist Manual-Handling-Simple/ General MH RA

19.3.13 Engineering-and-Scientific-Workshop-Checklist Stress-Checklist 19.3.14 Fume-Cupboard-Checklist 
19.3.4 VDSE and Assessment Checklist 2020 19.3.15 Compressed-Gasses-Checklist
19.3.5 Fire-and-Emergency-Checklist

Appendix X Guide to Fire Extinguisher Use/Selection 
19.3.16 High-Pressure-Systems-and-Autoclaves-Checklist

19.3.6 Electrical-Safety-Checklist

19.3.17 Chemical-Risk-Assessment-Form 2014

Appendix XVII Student Supervision

Appendix XIX Guidance on the Safety Storage of Chemicals 

19.3.7 Personal-Protection-Equipment 19.3.18 Biological-Risk-Assessment-Form 2018
19.3.8 Meeting-Rooms-Lecture-and-Seminar-Theatre-Checklist 19.3.20 Risk=Assessment-of-Materials-with-Irreversible-Health-Effects
19.3.9 Movement-of-Workplace-Vehicles-and-Traffic-Checklist  
19.3.10 First-Aid-Checklist  
19.3.19. This form is ommitted. Employees must notify HR of their pregnancy. HR will then issue them direct with an Pregnancy Job Risk Assessment Form. ( Students and Postgraduates should notify their department and Student health)  

19.3.21 Work related travel RA v4 March 2015



Note: Only use those sections or elements therein as are relevant to the Departments activities as and where work is conducted both within and external to UCC.

Add additonal content to cover activities that are not captured within the above. B&Es inputs may be needed for 19.3.5, 19.3.6 and 19.3.9. 

Repeat travel journeys by an individual or group may be covered by an initial travel RA provided the circumstances remain constant/ unchanged.

A VDSE RA must be conducted for each staff workstation ( to capture different personal circumstances and set ups).

Please adapt the Field work code for indepth treatment & RA of any/ all fieldwork trips conducted by the School/Department.

Revised Feb 2015 and March 2017

H.S.A. Covid-19 Checklists May 2020
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Employers Checklist 1: Planning & Preparing
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Employers Checklist 2: Control Measures
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Employers Checklist 3: Induction
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Employers Checklist 4: Dealing with Suspected Cases
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Employers Checklist 5: Cleaning & Disinfection
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Employee Checklist
19.3.22 HSA Covid-19 Worker Representative Checklist
19.3.22 Review of Existing OH&S RA & Controls Arising from Covid-19 Checklist (June 2020) 

The above checklist has been produced in support of the Government phased back to work protocol of May 9th, 2020. Covid-19 is a serious community public health pandemic biological virus that impacts persons health and applies in any setting currently.

Volume 3 (S): Hazard Id. - Action Summary

19.11 Summary-of-Simple-Actions-Arising-from-All-Hazards
19.12 Risk-Assessment-Summary-Sheet

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