Springboard: Certificate in Languages for the Global Marketplace

27 Jun 2013

The new "Certificate in Languages for the Global Marketplace" starts this October in UCC. This part time course is aimed at people who want to return to the job market with modern language and intercultural communication skills. The programme combines courses of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian or German language and cultural studies with relevant business skills in marketing and management.

Important Dates
Application Deadline
30 August 2013
Start Date
23 September 2013


The programme will broaden participants’ horizons by allowing them to engage with the work environment in a different culture. Through acquiring a range of language related and intercultural communication skills they will increase their employment opportunities in various sectors of the global marketplace.

On successful completion of this programmes, students should be able to:
• Read texts at an appropriate level and perform tasks based on their comprehension;
• Perform tasks based on aural comprehension at an appropriate level;
• Communicate orally at an appropriate level and in a range of registers relevant to specific professional settings;
• Communicate in writing at an appropriate level and in a range of registers relevant to specific professional settings;
• Demonstrate an awareness of current trends in the global market place;
• Demonstrate an awareness of non-linguistic aspects of communication;
• Apply intercultural communication skills in collaborations and negotiations in specific work place environments.

Entry Requirements
Leaving Certificate or equivalent (incl. relevant professional qualifications)
Why Choose This Course?
This course is aimed at people hoping to return to the job market with modern language and intercultural communication skills (German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese), along with competencies relating to marketing and management (in cooperation with the appropriate departments from outside the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures).

Languages will be offered at beginners or near beginners level, and students will be equipped with the necessary language competence as well as intercultural skills to be able do business with markets of particular strategic interest to Ireland, both in Europe and beyond.

Languages have been identified by employers as one of the key skills needs in the Munster region, but they obviously open up international opportunities, too. The languages you can study at UCC are those of Ireland’s business partners in Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal) and across the globe (Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Latin America).

By taking this course in UCC, students will have the opportunity to work with highly qualified and experienced staff in one of the most prestigious academic institutions in
the country and in Europe.
Career Opportunities
As recent reports indicate, the shortage of language skills is fast emerging as a critical issue among employers in Ireland. In the current economic scenario, and in an
increasingly competitive globalised market, being competent in one or more non-native languages has become a necessity.

This course gives you the unique opportunity to study a foreign language, thus creating opportunities in the areas of travel and tourism, translating, international business, technology, marketing, public service, recruitment, journalism and media, both at home and abroad.
Timetable Info
10 contact hours per week with an additional 7 hours of self-directed learning.
Delivery Location
UCC Main Campus
Delivery Notes
Small group teaching, lectures plus Language Laboratory and autonomous online component.
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First Floor Block A West, O' Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland