MA Translation Studies

8 Jul 2013

MA Translation Studies

School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University College Cork : MA Translation Studies

New language pathways

Applications welcome for 2012-2013

The MA in Translation Studies is designed for people who are proficient in more than one language and would like to start a career as translators, for translators who would like to develop their skills in areas such as translation technology and terminology management, and for linguists interested in translation and cross-cultural communication as an area of study. The course combines both practical and theoretical elements and therefore also provides excellent preparation for further study at PhD level.

The MA has 10 different streams and applicants choose their specific stream at the application stage.

  • Stream 1: French and German
  • Stream 2: French and Italian
  • Stream 3: French and Spanish
  • Stream 4: German and Italian
  • Stream 5: German and Spanish
  • Stream 6: Italian and Spanish
  • Stream 7: French
  • Stream 8: German
  • Stream 9: Italian
  • Stream 10: Spanish

Core elements

Introduction to Translation Theory and practice

Translation Technology

Research Skills

Translation Project


Methodology of Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Optional modules include

LL6001 Methodologies of Reception and Intertextuality

FR6306 Theories and Practices of Modernity and Modernism

FR6405 Mythic Heroes and Heroines from Aeschylus to Lara Croft: Tragedy, Film, Anime, Graphic Novels

HS6003 Advanced Translation Skills (Spanish/English)

HS6006 Advanced Spanish Language Development

GE6009 Intercultural Communication: Theory and Practice (German)

GE6020 Questions of Adaptation and Adoption: Re-Writings/ Re-Viewings/ Re-Readings

IT6101 Translation: Methods and Practice (Italian)

FR6204 Contemporary French Philosophy: Theory as Vision

FR6307 French Cinema: Stories and histories

Further information at:


Dr Angela Ryan – (French)

Dr Daragh O'Connell – (Italian)

Dr Helena Buffery – (Spanish)

Dr Manfred Schewe – (German)

Department of Italian


First Floor Block A West, O' Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland