QS Reimagine Education Shortlist

24 Oct 2023

We are honored and thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Nurturing Wellbeing and Purpose Award by QS Reimagine Education for our Make the Most of Your Degree campaign. 

The In Person- Learning: Make the Most of Your Degree project/campaign has been shortlisted for the Nurturing Wellbeing and Purpose Award by QS Reimagine Education. 

On its 10th anniversary, the QS Reimagine Education Awards received a staggering 1200+ submissions across 17 awards categories. The 800 projects which best matched eligibility criteria, were longlisted for the first round of evaluations, performed by over 600 international experts. Our project stands in the top 30%, securing a spot on the 2023 Reimagine Education Awards shortlist. 

The Reimagine Education Awards in 2023 celebrates a decade of rewarding innovative approaches that enhance student learning outcomes and employability. 

The Reimagine Education Awards and Conference will take place in Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, 11-13 December 2023. 



The In Person- Learning: Make the Most of Your Degree campaign is a collaboration between the College of Business and Law and the Graduate Attributes Programme and encourages students to participate in in-person learning to support their effective use of academic time, and to support their development of graduate attributes and core transferable skills.

With the effective use of academic time, students develop core lifelong skills, graduate attributes and values. By attending classes and tutorials in-person, the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally is maximised. By taking on board the advice presented in this campaign, students will have the opportunity to develop skills and the ability to: note-take; plan; goal set; organise; critically think; prioritise; manage time; effectively communicate; work in teams.

Developing a strong set of graduate attributes and values helps students to flourish and be more successful in their studies, research, career and in their contribution to the community and society. The development of a strong set of attributes is enhanced through in-person learning and being engaged fully with life on campus. While many students have readapted quiet well to the return to campus, some have not.

This campaign aims to support those who may not have been comfortable with the return, who may lack confidence, or who do not understand its importance. The campaign presents the value of being present in UCC, seizing opportunities to engage with teaching staff, classmates, study spaces, and extra and co-curricular activities. Through this engagement, a students’ confidence grows, their use of academic time is maximised, and a healthier routine is created. Graduate attributes and values are in turned developed throughout this journey.

This campaign webpage, hosted on the graduate attributes programme website, provides links to each infographic and video, and aims to expand on the information provided with broader explanations and links to services and resources that can support a student to make the most of their degree.

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