GAP at the UCC Global Summit 2022

20 Jun 2022

This year the International Association of Student Affairs and Services Global Summit 2022 was hosted by Student Affairs Ireland (SAI) and University College Cork campus from June 15-17, 2022.

This year's Global Summits running theme was Cultivating Graduate Attributes to Empower and Sustain Educational Development. The SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) were at the forefront during the duration of the event, making students aware of them and incorporating them into their everyday lives and decision making. 

The UCC Graduate Attributes Programme (GAP) was also at the forefront at the Global Summit 2022, highlighting the attributes and values encouraged to be developed by all students. These attributes and values are vitally important especially during the transition in, transition through and transition out phases of a student’s experience in university. UCC as a university strives to integrate these learning experiences within student’s degrees. 

The Graduate Attributes Programme Team, led by manager Adel Coleman, had a vital role in the event alongside other UCC colleagues from the student experience office. The GAP student team welcomed delegates from all over the world and participated in student sessions throughout the week. #BeginBelongBecome

If you are interested in finding out more about the #GlobalSummit22 please check out the SAI Resources Page where you can find all the details. Access videos, presentations and documents from this year's event. 

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Graduate Attributes Programme

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