Finding Your Tribe

15 Dec 2021

In collaboration with multiple stakeholders, an animated video on Finding Your Tribe at UCC has been devised and developed.

Finding one’s tribe is fundamental to that all important sense of belonging and feeling part of the UCC community. The animated video features eight avatars who represent all four colleges, undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts, as well as the diversity of our student population.


Seven students and one staff member lent their voices to each of the avatars to make these characters as authentic and relatable as possible.  Many thanks to:


Muhammad Ahmed - Michael

Jennifer Barry - Emma

Jane Haynes - Ciara

Zhongying Jiang - Lin

Shivam Kislay - Raj

Darragh O Keeffe - Darragh

David Quinn - Joe

Sarah Stafford - Róisín



For more on this story contact:

Siobhán Boyle & Maggie O' Sullivan

Graduate Attributes Programme 

Graduate Attributes Programme

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