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International Undergraduate Fees 2023/24


All fees listed are full-time programmes for academic year 2023/24, unless otherwise stated.

Please note for academic year 2023/24 entrants that there will be a 2% year on year increase for first and continuuation years up to and including academic year 2025/26.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

Course Despcription  Course Code  Fee
Arts - BA (Hons) CK101 €16,700 
Anthropology - BA (Hons) CK123 €16,700 
Applied Psychology - BA (Hons) CK120 €16,700 
Criminology - BA (Hons) CK113 €16,700 
Theatre and Performative Practices - BA (Hons) CK112 €16,700 
Digital Humanities and Information Technology - BA (Hons) CK118 €16,700 
Early Years and Childhood Studies - BA (Hons) CK111 €18,800 
English - BA (Hons) CK109 €16,700 
Film and Screen Media - BA (Hons) CK105 €16,700 
BA - Geography and Archaeology    €16,700 
BA - International    €16,700 
Arts - Music - BA (Hons)  CK104 €16,700 
Psychology and Computing - BA (Hons) CK121 €16,700 
World Languages - BA (Hons) CK110 €16,700 
Gaeilge - BEd (Hons) CK124 €23,000 
Physical Education, Sports Studies & Arts - BEd (Hons)  CK125 €23,000 
Government and Political Science - BSc (Hons) CK122 €16,700
Social Science - BSocSc (Hons) CK102 €16,700
Social Work - BSW (Hons) CK115 €18,800
Youth and Community Work - BSocSc (Hons) CK114 €18,800

Please note: An Automatic 15% scholarship once accepted to UCC College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences Undergraduate programme (applicable to all CACSSS Programmes)

Further information is available on the College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences website: 

College of Business and Law

Course Desciption  Course Code  Fee 
Commerce - BComm (Hons) CK201 €20,900 
Accounting - BSc (Hons)  CK202  €20,900 
Economics - BA (Hons)  CK212  €20,900 
Business Information Systems - BSc (Hons) CK203  €20,900 
Law and Business - BCL (Hons) CK307 €20,900 
Law and French - BCL (Hons)  CK302  €20,900 
Law and Irish - BCL (Hons)  CK304  €20,900 
Law (Pathways) - BCL (Hons)   CK301  €20,900 
Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship - BSc (Hons) CK213  €23,000 
International Development - BSc (Hons) CK214 €20,900 
International Business with Languages - BSc (Hons) CK215 €20,900 
Finance - BSc (Hons)  CK204 €20,900

College of Science, Engineering & Food Science

Course Desciption  Course Code  Fee
Architecture - BSc (Hons) CK606 €23,000 
Agricultural Science - BAgrSc (Hons)  CK412  €23,000 
Nutritional Sciences - BSc (Hons)  CK504 €23,000 
Food Science - BSc (Hons)  CK505  €23,000 
Computer Sciences - BSc (Hons)  CK701 €23,000
Chemical Sciences - BSc (Hons) CK406 €23,000 
Biological and Chemical Sciences - BSc (Hons)  CK402 €23,000 
Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences - BSc (Hons) CK404 €23,000 
Mathematical Sciences - BSc (Hons)  CK407  €23,000 
Data Science and Analytics - BSc (Hons)  CK411  €23,000 
Genetics - BSc (Hons)  CK405  €23,000 

Engineering - BE (Hons) 

Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering 

Energy Engineering 

Electrical & Electronic Engineering 

Process & Chemical Engineering 

CK600  €23,000 
Industrial Physics - BSc (Hons)  CK409 €23,000 
Physics and Astrophysics - BSc (Hons)  CK408    €23,000 

College of Medicine and Health

Course Desciption  Course Code  Fee 
Occupational Therapy - BSc (Hons) CK704 €20,900 
Speech and Language Therapy - BSc (Hons)  CK705  €20,900 
Dentistry - BDS (Hons) Notes 1 & 3 CK702 €46,900 
Medicine - MB, BCh, BAO Notes 3 & 5 CK701 €46,900 
Medicine (Graduate Entry) - MB, BCh, BAO Note 5 CK791 €49,100 
Dentistry (Graduate Entry) - BDS (Hons) Note 2   €50,900 
Pharmacy - BPharm (Hons) Note 4 CK703 €20,900 
Public Health Sciences - BSc (Hons) CK706 €18,700 
Medical and Health Sciences - BSc (Hons) CK707 €25,100 
Nursing (General) - BSc (Hons) CK710 €17,000  
Nursing (Children's and General Integrated) - BSc (Hons) CK712 €17,000 
Nursing (Mental Health) - BSc (Hons) CK720 €17,000 
Nursing (Intellectual Disability) - BSc (Hons) CK730 €17,000 
Midwifery - BSc (Hons) CK740 €17,000 
Nursing Studies - BSc (Hons)    €11,000
Paramedic Studies - Practitioner Entry - BSc (Hons)-2 Years    €6,400
Diploma in Dental Hygiene    €24,500

Note 1: Additional Cost: Bench Fees Year 3 €1500, Year 4 €1500, Year 5 €1000This fee is payable in Dental Hospital at the start of each relevant year. 

Note 2: Additional Cost: Bench Fees Year 2 €1500, Year 3 €1500, Year 4 €1000This fee is payable in Dental Hospital at the start of each relevant year. 

Note 3: Students entering through recruitment agencies, the IUMC (Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium) or through government sponsorship may be entitled to a concession on the quoted international fee. 

Note 4: Bachelor of Pharmacy is a 4-year undergraduate degree programme with an additional year (Year 5) to complete a ‘Master’s in Pharmacy’. Total Fee in Year 5 is €20,000. International privately funded students may qualify for an academic scholarship of €5,000 per annum. 

Note 5: €750 clinical contribution fee is included in annual fee.

Junior Year Abroad/Visiting Students - Fee Paying

Description  Fee
Early Start Fee  €1,400 
Autumn Semester  €7,400 
Spring Semester  €7,400 
Early Start plus Autumn Semester (All Programs)  €8,700 
Early Start plus Full Academic Year (All Programs)  €15,700
Full Academic Year (All Programs)  €14,400 
Certificate in Political Science  €7,400 
Certificate in Conflict & Resolution  €7,400 
Certificate in Irish Politics  €7,400 
Diploma in Common Law (European)  €14,300 
Certificate in Irish Studies  €14,400
Diploma in Irish Traditional Music  €15,300

Additional Notes

A Deposit of €1,500 applies to all programmes. 

Fees can be paid in 2 equal instalments (A deposit forms part of first instalment). The first instalment must be paid prior to registration.

The University is not responsible for errors or ommissions. 

All communications with regards to fees will be sent to UCC student u-mail addresses only. Students will be able to access a financial statement online to check their balance and transactions via Student Portal /MyStudentAdmin: 

Fees Office

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