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Examination Script Viewing June 2023

2 Jun 2023

Viewing of scripts will take place on Monday 12th June 2023. Students who wish to view an Examination Script must complete an Application Form and return same by 12pm on Thursday 8th June 2023.

Students are asked to fill out the ‘Viewing of Scripts Application form - 2023’ and to email it to the School of Chemistry Office ( Applications should only be for CM modules. The deadline to apply is Thursday 8 June 2022 at 12:00pm noon. No applications will be received after this date.

For students who have not passed CM modules, Year Coordinators may set up online meetings (Microsoft Teams) with the students, following the release of the breakdown of marks, if such is requested. The meetings should not be a discussion on how the marks were arrived at. The consultation day is not a recheck – there is a separate formal process for a recheck.

Examination Script Viewing

The viewing of examination scripts will take place in the School of Chemistry, Second Floor, Room 224, on Monday 12 June, 2022, 10.00am – 12.00pm and 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

Download high quality consultation arrangements here:

Please note the following:

1. Photo Identification (Student I.D. Card, etc) must be presented to the viewing supervisor before viewing of scripts is permitted.
2. Scripts may only be viewed by the students themselves.
3. Scripts may not be viewed by a third party.
4. Scripts may only be viewed for a period of 20 minutes.
5. Students are strictly prohibited from discussing their viewed scripts with other students or with the viewing supervisor.
6. All bags, stationery, etc must be left by the entrance of the laboratory.
7. Students are not permitted to write on their scripts.
8. Note taking is permitted, by use of the paper and green pens provided.
9. Students should notify the viewing supervisor and return their scripts before departure.

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