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Chemistry Ph.D. Graduates - Autumn 2015

20 Oct 2015
Our Autumn 2015 Ph.D. Chemistry Graduation.

This afternoon saw 7 Chemistry students graduate in the autumn conferrings with Ph.D. degrees.

The students involved carried out their research in the Chemistry Department, Tyndall Institute and the School of Pharmacy. Details of all students, their supervisor names and thesis titles are listed below. Well done to all.

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Name Supervisor PhD Thesis Title
Dr. Tina Brennan
Dr. Dan McCarthy An investigation into reactivity and selectivity in cycloadditions of 1,3-dipoles with formamidines.
Dr. Donncha Carr
Dr. Dan McCarthy Chemistry and synthesis of 3(2h)-furanones and 4,5-dihydro analogues: mechanistic investigations and stereochemical control.
Dr. Christina McSweeney
Dr. Gerard McGlacken New methos for the asymmetric synthesis of alpha-alkylated ketones and 1,3-amino alcohols.
Dr. Jonathan Quille
Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick Impurity profiling and synthesis of precursors to the hallucinogenic amphetamine dob.
Dr. Cian Cummins
Prof. Justin Holmes Insertion of inorganics into block copolymer nanopatterns as robust etch masks for nanolithography.
Dr. Rachel Evans Hurson
Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick Advanced applications of broadband acoustic resonance dissolution spectroscopy in physical, chemical and pharmaceutical analysis.
Dr. Walter Messina
Dr. Eric Moore Micro and nanostructured impedance sensors for biological and biomedical applications.

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