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Digital Badge in Citizenship for Global Development

2 Feb 2023

Digital Badge in Citizenship for Global Development

Date: Every Wednesdays  5pm - 6pm

Venue: MS Teams (Online)

Link to Join


The Centre for Global Development, founded in 2011 whose mission is to support, enhance and promote UCC’s commitment to addressing the challenges of sustainable global development is pleased to announce that the  Digital Badge in Citizenship for Global Development will run again this year.  As you know In 2015 the UN agreed a series of goals known as the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to create a roadmap in which  the most urgent global economic, environmental and social challenges of our time could be addressed.  This Digital Badge in Citizenship for Global Development will engage participants in a theoretical and applied understanding of  a number of these sustainable goals through reflective practice of the current literature, participation in a dedicated workshop on the SDGs, participation in CGD’s lunchtime seminar series (recorded for those unable to make it on the day) and in the production of a vlog/blog disseminated through the CGD website.  Full details are given below and we expect the maximum time commitment to be 20 hours.  Many of the activities will be online but we would hope to hold at least two in-person sessions on UCC campus.  We are encouraging members of both the internal (staff and students) and external community (including industry)  to partake.  

What is a Digital Badge: A digital badge is a validated micro-credential awarded to earners in an online format and is an excellent addition to a CV.  It is a means for the university to recognise non-accredited learning that support the values and attributes the university seeks to foster. This digital badge will provide the participants with currency in sustainability literacy. Many students and staff may already be engaged in SDG-related extra-curricular activities, and this badge provides a framework for recognising and amplifying such activities

Centre for Global Development