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1 Oct 2020

Congratulations to Dr Karen O’Connor on the publication of her topical review in The Journal of Physiology, which was accompanied by artwork published on the journal cover this month.

Karen’s studies performed in the course of her doctoral training, under the supervision of Prof. John Cryan and Prof. Ken O’Halloran, focussed on the role of gut-brain-axis signalling in cardiorespiratory function, leading to a hat-trick of papers in the Lancet publication EBioMedicine. The topical review summarises the growing literature in this emerging field of study.

Many thanks to Dr Ken O’Riordan for the creative artwork featured on the cover.


O'Connor KM, Lucking EF, Cryan JF, O'Halloran KD (2020). Bugs, breathing and blood pressure: microbiota-gut-brain axis signalling in cardiorespiratory control in health and disease. The Journal of Physiology, doi: 10.1113/JP280279.

O’Connor KM, Lucking EF, Bastiaanssen TFS, Peterson VL, Crispie F, Cotter PD, Clarke G, Cryan JF, O’Halloran KD (2020). Prebiotic administration modulates gut microbiota and faecal short-chain fatty acid concentrations but does not prevent chronic intermittent hypoxia-induced apnoea and hypertension in adult rats. EBioMedicine, 59:102968

O’Connor KM, Lucking EF, Golubeva AV, Strain CR, Fouhy F, Cenit MC, Dhaliwal P, Bastiaanssen TFS, Burns DP, Stanton C, Clarke G, Cryan JF, O’Halloran KD. (2019). Manipulation of gut microbiota blunts the ventilatory response to hypercapnia in adult rats. EBioMedicine, 44, 618-638.

Lucking EF, O'Connor KM, Strain CR, Fouhy F, Bastiaanssen TF, Burns DP, Golubeva AV, Stanton C, Clarke G, Cryan JF, O'Halloran KD (2018). Chronic intermittent hypoxia disrupts cardiorespiratory homeostasis and gut microbiota composition in adult male guinea-pigs. EBioMedicine, 38, 191-205.


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