Exercising control over depression

19 Mar 2018
Dr. Ger Clarke (lead investigator), Dr Jason Martin (seated on a recumbent exercise bike) and Professor Ken O’Halloran

Welcome to Dr. Jason Martin who joins UCC as a senior post-doctoral fellow on a research project led by Dr. Ger Clarke (Dept of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioural Science). Jason joins a multi-disciplinary team in a collaborative project across multiple departments at UCC that aims to explore the influence of aerobic exercise on kynurenine pathway metabolism in healthy volunteers and patients with clinical depression.

Jason holds BSc and MSc degrees from the Manchester Metropolitan University, and a PhD in Ageing, Movement & Cognitive Function from the University of Birmingham. He has completed post-doctoral training at the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (Bonn, Germany) and at the Centre of Neurology (Tübingen, Germany).

The three-year Health Research Board –funded project is a collaboration between the UCC Departments of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioural Science (Clarke, Dinan, Kelly), Anatomy & Neuroscience (Cryan) and Physiology (O’Halloran). Drs. Clarke and O’Halloran have previously collaborated on an aerobic exercise intervention study in patients with multiple sclerosis.

The Department of Physiology warmly welcomes Jason, and looks forward to fruitful findings in this study.



Exercising Control over Runaway Kynurenine Pathway Metabolism: Towards Improved Treatment Outcomes in Major Depression.


Physiology Department


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