Sounds from a safe harbour

11 Sep 2015

On September 18th Prof. Ken O'Halloran will 'Play His Heart Out' at Sounds from a Safe Harbour festival.


Professors Ken O’Halloran (Physiology) and John Cryan (Anatomy & Neuroscience) will host a performance and conversation with internationally acclaimed artists, Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire), Nadia Sirota (yMusic) and Andre de Ridder (Stargaze), on September 18th in UCC’s Aula Maxima. The event, part of UCC’s FUAIM series, is an exploration of the science of music and the music of science. Performances and analysis of Music for Heart and Breath (Richard Reed Parry; http://www.deutschegrammophon.com/us/cat/4793061) is the centrepiece of the event. The performance is shaped by the musicians’ own breathing and heart rates, as an intimate yet powerful expression, through the composition, of the personal. The piece will be re-visited several times to illustrate the effect of added physiological and musical complexity on the performance. Perspectives on the physiology and neuroscience of Music for Heart and Breath will be shared by Ken and John. A conversation with all participants to include the audience will close the event. Playing your heart out is part of the Sounds from a Safe Harbour festival of music, art and conversation, which runs in Cork City, 17th-20th September.

The event is free.

September 18th, 1-2pm, Aula Maxima, UCC.


Further information, including a short essay - On Music for Heart and Breath, available here:



Sounds from a Safe Harbour



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