Physiology Friday October 16th 2015

19 Oct 2015

The Department of Physiology, University College Cork celebrated Physiology Friday on October 16th as part of an international series of events during Biology Week,

part-funded by The Physiological Society. UCC staff and students enjoyed a fun-filled day that included an ECG world record attempt and BioBake sale (showcasing a range of tasty organ treats) raising money for the Irish Heart foundation. A blitz of short presentations by academic staff and trainees included unorthodox entertaining approaches such as poetry, time lapsed videos and even a rap! The theme of Women in Science was celebrated by drawing attention to female Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winners. The day’s exciting events culminated in a public lecture by a visiting scholar from the University of Cambridge. Professor Ken O’Halloran, Head of Department, commented: “Physiology is the science of life – hugely relevant to the contemporary discussion of health and wellbeing.  Physiology Friday was a great success for all involved and all who enjoyed the opportunity to link with the Department and the discipline”.

Physiology Department


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