Experimental Biology, Boston, USA

7 Apr 2015

Prof. Ken O’Halloran and David Burns (PhD trainee) attended Experimental Biology in Boston USA, March 2015.

David’s work (a collaborative project with Dr. Dervla O’Malley and Dr. Jenny Manning, Dept. of Physiology, UCC) was selected for oral and poster communication in the American Physiological Society (APS) Respiration Section featured topic: Respiratory related disorders in aging and neurodegeneration, chaired by Prof. Gary Sieck & Dr Sarah Greising – Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA.


Respiratory function in the mdx mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: role of hypoxia, stress and immune factors

Burns D, Manning J, O'Malley D, O'Halloran KD


David was awarded complimentary registration & $500 travel bursary from the APS to support participation at the meeting.


Ken delivered an oral and poster communication, largely based on the work of a recent PhD graduate – Dr. Philip Lewis (a collaborative project with Prof. Dave Sheehan, School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, UCC), in the APS Hypoxia Group featured topic: Cellular, molecular and systems integration underlying adaptation and maladaptation to hypoxia, chaired by Prof. Jan-Marino Ramirez – Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle, USA.


Redox remodelling in diaphragm muscle adaptation to chronic sustained hypoxia

O'Halloran KD, Sheehan D, Lewis P


Ken was awarded a $500 travel bursary from the APS to support participation at the meeting.

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