Aidan Kaar at 'Calcium Signalling: The Next Generation' meeting

14 Oct 2014

Aidan Kaar presented at the Biochemical Society meeting entitled 'Calcium Signalling: The Next Generation'  held on 9th and 10th  October in Charles Darwin House in London.

Aidan was the earliest stage researcher selected for an oral presentation (he also had a poster with the same material). His talk was entitled 'Investigating the role of the cylic ADP ribose/RYR pathway in Group I mGluR mediated calcium signalling in cultured rat hippocampal neurones'. He's also been invited to submit a min-review of the field by the Biochemical Society.

Aidan is 2nd year PhD student in the Dpeartment of Physiology supervised by Dr. Mark Rae.

Physiology Department


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