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Here we offer a snapshot of the diverse and interesting careers our graduates have carved, as well as providing information on graduations, past and future, and events of interest to our alumni, both socially and professionally.

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So you have a law degree.  What now?

The most obvious career path with a law degree is to join the legal professions, either as a barrister or solicitor (or, in some jurisdictions, a lawyer), and this is indeed a very dynamic and rewarding career choice.  It is important to note, however, that while our degree programmes are recognised by the relevant bodies both in Ireland and in other jurisdictions, further professional training is required before you will be allowed to practise law.  A more comprehensive synopsis of the route to becoming a barrister or solicitor is available here.

Please also see the following presentation, which directly addresses qualifying in the UK: Qualifying in the UK

Not interested in pursuing a career at the bar or as a solicitor?

Many of our graduates, however, find interesting and challenging careers in a wide variety of alternative fields, from business to journalism, NGO work to academia, to list just some examples.  The study of law leads to an excellent degree that develops skills and competencies valued by employers across the board; skills such as research, writing, critical analysis, accuracy and attention to detail, to mention a few.  Please see our Alumni section below to read about the career paths of some of our Law alumni.

If you have any questions about the possibilities open to you after you have graduated, please do not hesitate to contact the Law School Office on 021-4903249 or at and we will be happy to direct your call.  Also open to you as a student is the staff at UCC Careers Service, who provide students with career advice and planning help, and they can be reached at, or at 3-4 Brighton Villas, Western Road, Cork, by phone at 021- 4902349 or 4903193 or by email at

Additionally, Law runs a number of Careers Events throughout the academic year, aimed at aiding you in your career after graduation.  Please see check out the Careers Events page for a current list. 

Career Opportunities

The traditional view of a law degree is that it eventually leads to a career as either a solicitor or barrister. The degree programmes at UCC hugely prepare law graduates for these traditional careers and allow them to excel in their professional lives. To follow such a route additional professional training is required with the Law Society of Ireland or at Kings Inns. However a law degree from UCC opens up a multitude of other career opportunities, and UCC Law School graduates thrive in areas such as banking, accounting, taxation, insurance, IT, teaching, HR, journalism and the media, which may require further academic and/or professional training. 


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