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Why you should check out the UCC Student Stories Podcast

18 Jul 2023
UCC Student Stories Podcast

This podcast has something for everyone – current and prospective students, alumni, and staff. 

The UCC Student Stories Podcast explores the Begin, Belong, and Become journey of UCC students and graduates, including the opportunities they’ve been presented with, and the challenges that they’ve faced, and how they have developed core graduate attributes and values. On this podcast, we aim to highlight the student voice, and you’ll hear inspirational and heartfelt stories from our incredible student body as they begin, belong and become at UCC. 

The Graduate Attributes Programme podcast launched in June 2022, with the more recent episodes featuring students who have taken the Your Compass self-assessment. In June 2023, the podcast was renamed to the UCC Student Stories: Graduate Attributes Programme Podcast, or the UCC Student Stories Podcast for short, as we wanted to ensure that our name reflects what the podcast is all about, the unique student story.   

Why should I tune in?   

This podcast has something for everyone – current and prospective students, alumni, and staff. We would appreciate you sharing the UCC Student Stories podcast with someone in your life who may be considering studying at UCC.    

In an ever-evolving society, it’s important now more than ever that we listen to and understand students' unique experiences and journeys. These specially selected episodes are truly honest, heartwarming and inspirational listens, worthy of your valuable time.  

We’ve hand selected four episodes for you to tune into, featuring students from a range of backgrounds, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students. We are delighted to share these powerful stories with you.   

Effective Global Citizen: Diandra Ní Bhuachalla  

Diandra Ní Bhuachalla is a three-time UCC graduate, having obtained a BSc. Government (Hons) degree in 2019, a Bachelor of Law in 2021, and an MSc. International Public Policy and Diplomacy in 2022. Diandra was the UN Youth Delegate for Ireland in 2021/22, representing and advocating for 1.3 million youth on key issues of national and foreign policy, with focus on gender equality, climate justice, and peace and security. Since recording, Diandra has been elected as the European Economic and Social Committee Youth Delegate (2023-25) to COP28 and COP29 and a Future Generations Global Ambassador.  

In this episode, Diandra discusses her UCC experience, including the unexpected challenges she has faced, and opportunities she has been presented with on her Begin, Belong, and Become journey. Diandra also reveals how she has developed her core UCC graduate attribute of ‘effective global citizen, who recognises and challenges inequality’. The first ever UCC Student Stories podcast episode; this is a refreshingly candid and inspirational listen.   

Creators, Evaluators and Communicators of Knowledge: Sinead Kelleher and Dr Mike Murphy     

In this episode, we meet with ‘creators, evaluators and communicators of knowledge’ Sinead Kelleher and Dr Mike Murphy. Sinead Kelleher is a PhD candidate with the School of Applied Psychology and Dr Mike Murphy, Sinead's PhD supervisor, is a lecturer with the School of Applied Psychology, the College of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Social Sciences. Sinead and Mike discuss their Begin, Belong and Become journeys, with a focus on their experiences in academia and research. Sinead and Mike are creators and contributors of Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass or Your Compass for short, and discuss this process, and the benefit of Your Compass for students from a psychological viewpoint. 

Socially Responsible: Sunny Tran   

Huu Dai Nhat Tran (Sunny Tran) is an MSc. Information Systems for Business Performance student with Cork University Business School and recipient of an Ireland Aid Fellowship. Sunny discusses his Begin, Belong, Become journey, the challenges that he has faced, and the opportunities he has been presented with throughout his UCC experience. Sunny discusses social responsibility and volunteering in his community; he co-founded the social enterprise MANTA Sail Training Centre, which diverted fisherman to water sports, and promoted sustainable green livelihoods and awareness in his community in Vietnam. Since recording, Sunny was awarded the overall winner of the Dean's Choice Award from the 2022 CUBS Leaders of Tomorrow Awards. 

PhD Diaries: Stephanie Moura and Yueling Sima 

Stephanie Moura and Yueling Sima are international PhD students studying at the Department of Management and Marketing, Cork University Business School. Stephanie and Yueling discuss the opportunities that they've been presented with, the challenges of a PhD, relocating during a pandemic, and making friends as international students. A relatable and inspirational episode for anyone considering studying abroad or undertaking a PhD. 

Tune into all other episodes of UCC Student Stories here.

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