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Resilience Building Journal Launched

7 Feb 2024

This Resilience Building Journal has been developed to empower all students and staff to reduce stress, improve coping and build well-being and resilience through evidence-based, practical strategies and techniques. 

Developed by Dr Margaret O’Rourke and Dr Mike Murphy (UCC School of Psychology), the strategies, tools, and techniques in this book are a distillation of the world’s latest leading neuroscientific, psychological, and medical research evidence on improving health, well-being, and resilience. 

Resilience is a superpower for success. Everyone needs resilience; we need it every day to cope with life, work and stress, navigate relationships and communication with others, deal with health problems, raise our families, recover from upsets, and simply keep getting on with our lives. More than anything, it determines how we rise above and move forward after trauma, loss, or serious and lifechallenging experiences.

The Resilience Building Journal is called a journal because we want you to use it as a reflective learning tool to enable you to strengthen your resilience and to build calm, happiness, and grit for work and for life. Writing things down in your Resilience Building Journal will help you to ‘get it out of your head’, examine it, reflect on it, and help you consider options for action. Journaling helps you to slow down and gain perspective, enabling you to review and act. You can also use your Resilience Building Journal to help you monitor progress and keep a written record of how far you have come.

This Resilience Building Journal has been developed as part of a suite of initiatives delivered by the Graduate Attributes Programme and aims to support students in their development of this core value. Analysis of the Your Compass graduate attributes and values self-assessment results (2022-2023) indicates that resilience is one of the lowest scoring values amongst students.

We hope that this journal supports students and staff to navigate challenging situations, manage high stress, and to enjoy and fully participate in all aspects of life.

You can download an interactive PDF version of the UCC Resilience Building Journal

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