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Embedding Your Compass in Canvas offerings

22 Jan 2024

It is now possible to add the Your Compass self-assessment to Canvas courses. 

Our graduate attributes have been created to allow each college, school and discipline to adopt them and embed them explicitly into the curriculum, and for each Student Experience Unit to encompass and embed within extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

IT integration of the Your Compass Graduate Attributes and Values (Your Compass) self-assessment, will allow all UCC staff to add Your Compass as an assignment on Canvas courses. To add the self-assessment, staff will need to follow a few simple steps and this guide will provide instructions. 

Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass or Your Compass for short, is the flagship initiative of the Graduate Attributes Programme. In partnership with multiple academic and professional services units across the university, this self-assessment tool has been created to support and facilitate students in developing graduate attributes and values. Once students complete the self-assessment, they receive a visual representation of their graduate attributes and value development. All students are invited to take the self-assessment on an annual basis. They can explore learning experiences on the Your Compass platform to support their holistic development.

Why embed Your Compass?  

Goal Two: Student Success

UCC is committed to delivering a high-quality and flexible student experience to support students in achieving their desired career and personal development outcomes. The Graduate Attributes Programme, which identifies the core attributes required will underpin our efforts to assist students as they transition in, through and out of the University.

Courseleaf Curriculum Management System (CIM)

Embedding the Your Compass self-assessment in your Canvas offerings can help you learn more about each graduate attribute and the impact of your module/programme content on your cohorts' holistic development. Cohort assessment data generated from Your Compass will be anonymised and shared with you upon request. In the future, being equipped with this knowledge will support you in completing the graduate attributes feature on CIM. 


Research and results: 

A research project is currently underway examining self-assessment results from the first year of Your Compass rollout. Preliminary results from our review of student graduate attributes and value development per college have indicated the following. 


Top five highest-scoring graduate attributes and values per College

1= highest scoring attribute or value 

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

  1. Integrity
  2. Effective global citizens, who recognise and challenge inequality
  3. Creators, evaluators, and communicators of knowledge
  4. Socially responsible
  5. Independent and creative thinkers


College of Business and Law 

  1. Ambition
  1. Integrity
  2. Compassion
  3. Digitally Fluent
  4. Effective global citizens, who recognise and challenge inequality 


College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

  1. Respect
  1. Compassion
  1. Integrity
  1. Digitally Fluent
  1. Creators, evaluators, and communicators of knowledge


College of Medicine and Health 

  1. Respect
  1. Integrity 
  1. Compassion 
  1. Ambition
  1. Effective global citizens, who recognise and challenge inequality

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