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Teaching arrangements for the 2020-21 academic year

5 Aug 2020

Programmes in Government and Politics will have a mix of face to face teaching with the full class in attendance, face to face teaching with staggered attendance (eg, class split into groups who will attend lectures in halls and online in alternate weeks), and online teaching. Every lecture will be recorded to facilitate students who may be unable to attend lecture halls. Module specific information will be provided once the social distancing requirement is confirmed.

In some instances modules may be scheduled in rooms that cannot be made safe given the likelihood of aerosol virus transmission (e.g., small classrooms in the Boole). In these cases, if alternative physical space cannot be found, any face-to-face teaching will need to be supplemental to virtual teaching, and take place out-doors.

Department of Government & Politics

Roinn Léann an Rialtais agus na Polaitíochta

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