Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior knowledge of Computer Science?

No prior knowledge of Computer Science is required.

Is it a disadvantage not to have done programming?

Most of our students have no formal experience of programming; those students who have may have a slight early advantage but for interested students the field levels out pretty quickly.

What are the points for Computer Science?

CSIT offer four different degrees all with different points in 2019:

  • BSc Computer Science  - 402
  • BSc Data Science and Analytics - 509
  • BA Psychology and Computing - 402
  • BA Digital Humanities and Information Technology - 307

Will they be the same next year?

There is no way to be certain until the points are published by the CAO.  The points are calculated based on the demand for places and the number of places available at UCC.  Increased demand in recent years has pushed the points up.

How many places are there?

  • BSc Computer Science  - 85
  • BSc Data Science and Analytics - 30
  • BA Psychology and Computing - 30
  • BA Digital Humanities and Information Technology - 35

What are the Leaving Certificate entry requirements?

For all programmes: English and Irish are requirements unless the applicant is exempt from Irish.

Minimim of 2 x H5 and 4 x O6/H7. 

Additional Requirements:
  • BSc Computer Science  - 02/H6 in Mathematics
  • BSc Data Science and Analytics - H3 Mathematics
  • BA Psychology and Computing - 02/H6 in Mathematics; O6/H7 required in foreign language
  • BA Digital Humanities and Information Technology; O6/H7 required in foreign language

Is Computer Science just Programming?

BSc Computer Science   - No, Computer Science includes programming but also covers many other topics such as computer applications, networking, multimedia, computer hardware, information storage and processing,  and artificial intelligence to name a few.

  • BSc Data Science and Analytics - 50% computer sciecne / 50% statistics / mathematics
  • BA Psychology and Computing - 50% computer science / 50% psychology
  • BA Digital Humanities and Information Technology - 50% computer science / 50% digital humanities and arts

What programming languages are taught?

The main languages are Python, Java, C programming, JavaScript and Haskell.

Do I need specialised software and my own laptop?

The laboratory facilities in the Department have the equipment and software needed for assignments and projects.  Much of the software used is open source and free to install on your own PC/laptop.

How much does it cost?

The fees for registration for all courses is set by the government; information can be found on

What is the demand for ICT graduates like?

The demand for ICT talent is strong and the career prospects are excellent for good ICT graduates.

Where are our graduates?

The job market for ICT graduates is quite buoyant and varied.  A survey conducted by UCC Careers Services indicated our graduates are employed by companies such as IBM, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Apple, Microsoft, Pilz, VMware, Xerox, as IT analysts, project managers, software engineers and developers, technical consultants, to mention just a few. 

Employment of UCC Computer Science graduates is strong; over the past three years, on average 95% of graduates are employed or in further studies.

Where are the jobs?

There is a strong demand for Computer Science graduates nationally and internationally from both SMEs and multinationals.  All Computer Science degrees are is recognised all over the globe.  Many of our graduates work in the UK, Europe, the US as well as in Ireland.

Is the degree a full-time course?

YES, the degree programme involves about twelve one-hour lectures per week and about twelve hours of laboratory work.  You will also need to allocate a significant amount of time for study - in total about 40 hours per week.

Mature Students

I am a mature student; can I study Computer Science at UCC?

Yes, to be considered as a mature student, you must have reached 23 years of age on or before 1st January of the year of proposed entry.  Applications are made through the Central Applications Office (CAO)

How will my application be assessed?

When you are applying as a Mature Student you will be required to complete a personal statement.  The importance of the personal statement cannot be underestimated as in some cases it is the sole basis for selecting successful applicants for certain degree programmes. It should include: relevant life experience, educational goals and objectives, relevant work experience, voluntary work experience; previous academic history and hobbies & interests.

How many places are available for mature students?

Currently, Computer Sciences offers 12 places to mature students.

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