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University Sabbatical Research Leave Committee

Terms of Reference:

The University Sabbatical Research Leave Committee reports to Academic Council. This Committee is charged with overall responsibility for the development, implementation, review and monitoring of the University-wide Research Leave Scheme. The role of the University Sabbatical Research Leave Committee is to:

  • Develop, implement and review policy in the area of sabbatical research leave under the direction of Academic Council
  • Set guidelines under which the College Sabbatical Research Leave Committees will operate
  • Set University-wide criteria and policy for sabbatical research leave application
  • Advise Heads of College on University-wide standards relating to research leave
  • Monitor the implementation of the Scheme
  • Ensure equity of application and standards under the Scheme within UCC
  • Receive regular reports from each College regarding applications and approvals
  • Provide annual reports to Academic Council
  • Act as Appeals Committee  

Term of Office: Three years for non ex-officio members

Nominated by President

Professor Joe Bogue

Vice President for Research and Innovation




4 Academic Council members (1 nominated per College):


Dr Stiofán Ó Cadhla


Professor Deirdre Madden


Professor Andy Wheeler


Professor David Kerins

Organisation and Development Partner (HR) 


Committee Secretary
Human Resources 


Approved by Governing Body 2nd November 2010
Endorsed by Academic Council 15th October 2010

Academic Affairs and Governance

Gnothaí Acadúla agus Rialú