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UCC FTP Committee

The University Fitness to Practise Committee shall normally be convened as and when necessary by the Registrar or his/her nominee from an Academic Council appointed panel of senior academic staff of the University (Senior Lecturer or Professor), and external experts.

Chair:  Deputy President and Registrar.      


  • 4 senior members of academic staff drawn from Schools listed at 2.2 of the policy
  • 2 senior members of academic staff who are members of a College Fitness to Practise committee.
  • A suitable specialist representative from the profession, external to UCC. The specialist representative may be either the specialist representative who would be the specialist member for the College Fitness to Practise Committee for the appropriate School or Department, or an alternative appropriate specialist.
  • Student Union President or nominee (ex-officio)
  • Student Union Welfare Officer (ex-officio)
  • Academic Secretary or his/her nominee

Secretary to the Committee:  Nominated by the Chair.

The quorum for the Committee shall be 7, and must include the chair and the specialist representative from the profession

The term of office for all members, excluding the external representative, shall be 3 years with the possibility of extension for a further one further term or part thereof. The external specialist representative shall be appointed for a period of 3 years.

Requests by a member for the extension of membership must be approved by Academic Council.

Members are prohibited from serving on a University Fitness to Practise Committee convened to hear a case that they have previously considered as a member of a College Fitness to Practise Committee.

Decisions are reached by a simple majority, and the Chair will have a casting vote in the event of a tied vote

Reporting: The University Fitness to Practise committee shall submit a report to the Academic Council at least once annually.


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