Teaching and Assessment Continuity Group

The Exams Business Continuity Group (EBCG) was established on March 4th 2020 to ensure continuity of all assessment related activities in the event of a full or partial closure of the university. The EBCG was made an executive subcommittees of Academic Council in response to the pandemic. EBCG was renamed the Teaching and Assessment Continuity Planning Group (TACG). Its terms of reference was extended to include all matters related to delivery of teaching and assessment to offer a forum for high level operational issues to be highlighted and resolved in advance of the 2021/2022 academic year. The group will also maintain an oversight role to ensure an appropriate level of operational stability is achieved as soon as possible after the start of the new academic year.

Terms of reference

TACG will be responsible for identifying the high level operational critical path to ensure the university is operationally ready to receive new and ongoing


  1. The group will specify and agree high level operational readiness criteria to help focus preparations and give formal assurance to the University when readiness has been achieved or flag if it is at risk.
  2. The group will provide a forum for high level issues impeding the critical path and operational readiness to be assigned, tracked and resolved.
  3. The group will closely monitor operations with a view to stabilizing these as early as possible in the Academic Year.
  4. The group will have a dedicated communications officer (voluntary role) to ensure effective internal and external communication.
  5. Membership will be expanded to include staff with relevant expertise. Current membership of the EBCG provided in Appendix 1.
  6. The group will meet fortnightly from May until October 31, 2021 when the group will disband.
  7. The group will continue to report to Academic Council as an Executive Committee and inform the Academic Leadership Forum of actions and progress.
  8. The group will have two co-chairs: Mr John McNulty, Director of Academic Services, will chair for matters related to assessment and Mr Tom O’Mara,  Head of Digital Education, OVPLT, will chair for matters related to teaching.


  1. O’Mara, Tom (Co-Chair)
  2. McNulty, John (Co-Chair)
  3. Wolfgang, Helnwein (Secretary)
  4. Arnold, Mags
  5. Bennett, Deirdre
  6. Blackshields, Daniel
  7. Bradley, Kathy
  8. Buckley, Joan (Management and Marketing)
  9. Burke, Francis
  10. Byrne, Danielle
  11. Byrne, Olive
  12. Byrne, Stephen
  13. Calnan, Veronica
  14. Carbery, Alan
  15. Clune, Yvonne
  16. Costello, Mary
  17. Crowley, Claire
  18. Culley, Gerard
  19. Culloty, Sarah
  20. Cusack, Siobhan
  21. Deady, Noirin
  22. Doran, Linda
  23. Feller, Joseph
  24. Fouhy, Eleanor
  25. Gannon, Anne
  26. Good, Breda
  27. Griffin, Brendan
  28. Hahessy, Eoin
  29. Haynes, Jane
  30. Hegarty, Josephine
  31. Hill, Margo
  32. Kilkelly, Ursula
  33. Lee, Felicity
  34. McAllen, Rob
  35. McCreary, Christine
  36. McGettrick, Niamh
  37. McSweeney, Paul
  38. McVeigh, Joseph
  39. Moriarty, Paul
  40. Muller, Nicole
  41. Murphy, Jennifer
  42. Murphy, Mary C.
  43. Murphy, Orla
  44. Nelson, Michelle
  45. Neville, Kathryn
  46. Noonan, Brendan
  47. O'Brien, Kate
  48. O'Brien, William
  49. O'Callaghan, Cliodhna
  50. O'Donovan, Helen
  51. O'Donovan, Paul
  52. O'Donovan, Tim
  53. O'Driscoll, Donna
  54. O'Mahony, Catherine
  55. O'Neill, Siobhan
  56. O'Rourke, Veronica
  57. O'Shaughnessy, Mary
  58. O'Sullivan, Majella
  59. Otway, Dave
  60. Quain, Colman
  61. Ramsay, Ruth (O'Riordan)
  62. Roche, Sinead Michelle (Students Union Education)
  63. Ryder, Maurice
  64. Sweeney, Niamh
  65. Toner, Anna
  66. Twomey, Denis
  67. Whelton, Helen
  68. Williams, Chris
  69. Wallace, Anne
  70. Coyne, Frances

TACG Approved by Academic Council 07-05-2021





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