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Student Discipline Appeal Committee

The Academic Council shall establish an Appeal Committee to consider any appeals arising from a decision of the Campus Watch Committee (CWC) or Discipline Committee.

The Appeal Committee shall comprise of 5 members all of whom shall be members of the Academic Council.

A quorum of the Appeal Committee for any meeting or hearing shall be 3 members. 

The Appeal Committee shall hold office for a period of 3 years.

No member of the CWC or the Discipline Panel shall be a member of the Appeal Committee.

The Appeal Committee will, at its absolute discretion, consider the Appeal in such a manner as it deems appropriate to the circumstances of the case, having regard to fairness and due process.

A Respondent or Complainant may appeal against a decision of the CWC or the Discipline Committee within 10 days of the receipt of the CWC or Discipline Committee’s decision. The Appeal must state in detail the grounds of the Appeal.

Such an Appeal must be in writing and lodged with the Registrar within 10 days of the decision of the CWC or the Discipline Committee.

Where an Appeal is made in accordance with these Rules, then the decision which was made by the relevant Committee shall be deferred until the Appeal is determined.

On receipt of an appeal the Registrar shall as soon as practicable send notice of the appeal to the Appeal Committee and to the CWC or Discipline Committee and request the CWC or Discipline Committee to furnish to the Appeal Committee an accurate summary of the evidence and any submission tendered at the hearing, the findings of CWC or Discipline Committee and any penalty imposed on the Respondent.  The Chairperson of the CWC or Discipline Committee shall furnish this to the Appeal Committee so far as is practical within 10 days of being so requested to do so by the Registrar.

The Appeal Committee shall not be obliged to hear or accept further submissions from the Respondent or Complainant, whether written or oral, but if it decides to do so, the Respondent or Complainant must be notified in writing and that notification must specify the date, time and location for the making of any oral submission or the date for the delivery of written submissions which date, in either case, must not, except in exceptional circumstances, be earlier than 10 days or more than 30 days from the date of such notification, unless stated otherwise.

The Appeal Committee shall have the power, should it see fit, to hold a fresh hearing into the matter.

The Appeal Committee shall determine the Appeal, and make whatever decision it considers appropriate in the circumstances on the balance of probabilities.  The Appeal Committee shall have power to revoke or amend the decision of the CWC or Discipline Committee in full or part or issue a revised penalty as it sees fit.  The Appeal Committee may direct either the CWC or the Discipline Committee to reconsider the position further.

The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be final and binding.

Extracted from the Student Rules here


Membership of the Academic Council Appeal Committee

Currently Vacant

Term of Office: 3 years


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