Honorary Degrees Board

General Purpose:  A Standing Committee of Academic Council responsible for receiving and recommending nominations for the award of honorary degrees of the University to Council for endorsement.  

 Terms of reference

  1. To receive and consider nominations for honorary degrees of the University
  2. To liaise with selected nominees on behalf of Council, as appropriate to establish acceptance of the nomination
  3. To make recommendations to Council for the nomination of an honorary degree on the basis of the criteria set down in the University’s policy and procedures for bestowing Honorary Degrees of the University[1]
  4. To keep the University’s policy and procedures relating to honorary degrees under review and to advise Academic Council as appropriate

 [1] Approval of recommendations was devolved to the Board by Academic Council 16-01-15

Conduct of Business

  1. The Honorary Degrees Board will meet as required on the direction of the Chair.
  2. The proceedings of the Board shall be strictly confidential.
  3. A meeting of the Board shall be quorate when six or more members are present.
  4. A proposal to award an honorary degree must be supported by two thirds or more of the members present.
  5. The nominee must not be approached unless and until the Board recommends the award of an honorary degree.
  6. Where the Board recommends the award of an honorary degree, the Chair of the Honorary Degrees Board, or his/her nominee, shall approach the nominee to determine if they wish to accept the honour.
  7. Where a nominee accepts the nomination, the Chair shall inform the Board and the recommendation for conferment shall be reported to Academic Council at the next appropriate meeting for ratification.
  8. The name of a nominee recommended by the Board for an honorary degree shall not be released publicly unless and until the nominee has indicated they wish to accept the honorary degree and the recommendation is approved by Council. Disclosure after this point is at the discretion of the President with the agreement of the nominee.


President (Chair)


Vice Presidents

Heads of College

Director of Development and Alumni Office

Academic Secretary

Secretary to the Board - Office of Vice President for External Relations


Approved by Academic Council 15 October 2010

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