Examination Appeals Committee

Terms of Reference

The Examination Appeals Committee consists of eighteen members, appointed by the Academic Council, of whom at least four are external members, normally practising lawyers, and with provision for a rolling membership.  In addition, the President appoints a member of Academic Council to act as Chair of the Committee. The term of office of the Committee shall be four years and the Committee may regulate its own procedures.

A minimum of four members, of whom at least one is an external member, are involved in deciding each appeal.  In the absence of the Chair of the Committee, those members of the Committee present at the meeting shall select one of their number to chair the meeting.

The Registrar is not a member of the Examination Appeals Committee.  The Examination Appeals Officer acts as a liaison between students, Schools or Departments, and the Examination Appeals Committee, but is not a member of the Committee. 

The Examination Appeals Committee, in accordance with the principles of natural justice, considers the documentary evidence presented to it in each case, consults with Internal Examiner(s) and may, if deemed necessary, consult with the External Examiner(s) or any other appropriate person. The Examination Appeals Committee may, if deemed necessary, also seek additional information or documentation from Head(s) of School or Department, appellants or others. 

The Examination Appeals Committee determines the appeal by giving a decision.  The Examination Appeals Officer, acting on behalf of the Committee, informs the appellant and the relevant Head(s) School or Department, in writing, of the outcome of the appeal.  The Examination Appeals Officer also informs the Academic Council of the outcome of the appeal.  The Examination Appeals Officer communicates the decision to the Registrar, who, if a change in the result is recommended, makes the necessary arrangements to have the result amended. 

The decision of the Examination Appeals Committee is final.


Dr Francis Burke (CB&L)

External Members


Ms Jessica Bartak Healy, Barrister


Ms Suzanne Lewis, Barrister


Professor Alex Davis 
Dr Barry Monahan  


Mr Daniel Blackshields
Dr Douglas Cubie 
Dr Mary C. Murphy 
Dr Brian O’Flaherty  


Dr Alan Morrison 
Dr Orla Ni Dubhghaill 
Dr Simon Lawrence  


Dr Aileen Burton
Dr Denis Field
Dr Helen Hynes 
Dr Siobhan Laoide-Kemp  

Plus 1


Administrative Support
Office of the VP Learning and Teaching

Ms Jacqui Churcher 

Examination Appeals Officer

Mr Michael Delargey



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