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Academic Leadership Forum (ALF)

Non-executive forum for academic leadership of the University






Council of Heads

Academic Leadership Forum


Senior Vice-President Academic & Registrar

Heads of Colleges

Academic Secretary

Deputy President & Registrar

Heads of Colleges

Academic Secretary

VP Teaching & Learning

VP Research & Innovation

 Librarian / Head of Information Services


Business Development & Finance Manager, DPR


Co-opted members


As required

Parent Committee(s)




Academic Council




Agendas/minutes to AC and UMT for information 

Terms of Reference:

  1. Non-executive forum for academic leadership of the University.
  2. Reference group for academic leadership and strategy.
  3. Initiates discussions on matters of common University interest for reference to Academic Council or Academic Board, e.g. CAO quotas, postgraduate intake, academic strategy.
  4. Coordinates University input and advise on academic matters, e.g. HEA calls, DES calls, skills agenda, IUA, EUA
  5. Promotes inter-disciplinarity and research-based approaches for the University.
  6. Acts as a forum for sharing and developing cross-University academic initiatives.
  7. Enables a greater connection between teaching and research and across Colleges, Schools, the Library and Information Services.

Approved by Council of Heads on 26th April 2018 

ALF was made an executive subcommittees of Academic Council in response to the pandemic (AC 09-04-2020). This was reviewed at AC 25-06-21 and extended to October 2021. ALF has since reverted back to its status as a non-executive committee.

Academic Affairs and Governance

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