Digital Badges Sub-Committee

1. Statement of purpose 

The Digital Badge Sub Committee (DBSC) shall report to the Academic Development and Standards Committee (ADSC) and be responsible for the oversight, strategic development and implementation of policies and procedures related to the issuing of digital badges by UCC. In addition, this sub-committee will be responsible for the assurance of quality, standards and compliance with relevant data protection legislation.

The DBSC purpose is:

  • The overall governance and strategic development of UCC Digital Badges.
  • The implementation of the Policy Framework for UCC Digital Badges.
  • To approve the development and issuing of digital badges by UCC in line with Stage Gate Approval Process, Standards and Scored Assessment.
  • To inform and make recommendations to the ADSC or other University authorities in relation to the effective management and governance of UCC Digital Badges. 

2. Membership and meetings

Membership: The membership of the committee shall be approved by the ADSC and shall of not more than eight members with the relevant skill sets including representatives from OVPLT, Career Services, Students Union and the Registrar’s office.

Frequency of meetings: The Sub Committee shall meet monthly and report annually to the ADSC. The quorum necessary for the transaction of business shall be 3, which shall include a representative of OVPLT. A duly convened meeting of the Sub Committee at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all or any of the authorities, powers and discretions vested in or exercisable by the Committee.

 3. Terms of reference 

The Sub Committee shall:

  • Review and progress strategic actions to enable the future opportunity for digital badges in UCC aligned to the University’s strategic vision, values and objectives;
  • Review and have general oversight of the effectiveness of policy and procedure;
  • Oversee the implementation of the Policy Framework for Digital Badges and management of issues including quality, organisational capacity, and information management.
  • Review compliance with relevant externally-generated policy, legislation, EU Directives associated with digital badges in HEI, TEL and IM.
  • Provide general oversight of policies and processes regarding security and data protection issues to ensure the University's compliance with relevant legislation, relevant regulations, standards and codes of practice;
  • Ensure issues of equality and staff welfare are addressed within HR policies and procedures;
  • Ensure appeals, disputes or complaints in relation to approval of digital badges are appropriately addressed through existing University policy and proceduress
  • Review and progress provisions for associated and relevant communications or training for staff ac the institution considered necessary for successful implementation of UCC Digital Badge initiatives;
  • Receive dashboard information on the delivery of digital badges in UCC and monitor the use and take up of digital badges in UCC;
  • Receive and consider proposals from individuals or groups within UCC interested in developing and issuing a UCC Digital Badge;
  • Formally approve proposals and validated earners for the issuing of UCC Digital Badges in line with the Stage Gate Approvals Process and based on the Scored Assessment of a minimum of 2 reviewers;
  • Submit a reports ADSC on the work of the Sub Committee;
  • Exercise such powers and additional functions as ADSC may approve from time to time. 

 4. Delegated Authority

Under delegated authority from ADSC to establish such strategic project, operational teams or working groups as the Sub Committee deems necessary to comply with these Terms of Reference; to ensure appropriate policy, processes and practices are in place, to assure compliance with relevant legislation and directives and to approve reporting to the University as appropriate.

5. Reporting arrangements

The Sub Committee shall report at least annually and additionally as necessary to the ADSC.

6. Period of office

The period of office of the Sub Committee on Staff shall be contemporaneous and coterminous with the period of office of the ADSC.

7. Administrative support

Administrative support to the Committee shall be provided by the OVPTL.

 8. Information and contact

Chair: Dr Rob McAllen

Administrative Support: Centre for Digital Education, OVPLT Version [03] Approved by: ADSC 13-10-17

Current members

 Membership as of 10-06-2021


Dr Rob McAllen 

Vice President for Learning and Teaching

Professor Paul McSweeney

Head of Student Records and Examinations Office

Dr Siobhan Cusack

Head of Digital Education

Mr Tom O’Mara

Students’ Union Education Officer

Sinead Roche (2021-2022)

Nominees with relevant expertise:


Academic Developments and Standards Committee


Adult Continuing Education

Eileen McBride

UCC Careers Service


Committee Secretary
Centre for Digital Education


Approved Academic Council 19-01-18



Academic Affairs and Governance

Gnothaí Acadúla agus Rialú