Accrediation review report form

Explanatory Notes

Category of Accreditation

  1. Direct Admittance. Professional statutory body accreditation whereby graduates are admitted directly to a profession regulated by statute, e.g., nursing.
  2. Pre-requisite to further training.
    Those programmes where a UCC degree is a necessary pre-requisite for admission to further training leading to a regulation profession, e.g., architecture.
  3. Exceptions leading to further study.
    Those programmes where a obtaining a UCC degree provides exception for further study leading to a regulated profession, e.g., law.
  4. Specific module exemptions.
    Programmes in which a student passing specific modules will get specific exemptions for professional examinations, e.g., accountancy.
  5. Accreditation does not lead to statutory profession.
    Programmes which have various levels of external accreditations, but which do not lead to statutory professions, e.g., food science.


Academic Affairs and Governance

Gnothaí Acadúla agus Rialú