Core Competencies Applied Social Studies‌‌

Applied Social Studies


The core competencies for Programmes in the School of Applied Social Studies subject to Fitness to Practise are listed below.

Competencies and Outcomes required of prospective social workers and youth workers: Students must be capable of achieving the following competencies and outcomes by graduation:

a) The ability to communicate appropriately and effectively with service users, colleagues and relatives of service users.

b) The possession of sound professional judgement and so be aware of and responsive to the impact of one’s actions on self and on others e.g. service users.

c) The ability to remain alert at all times.

d) The ability to respond to service users’ needs appropriately and effectively.

e) Be aware of and apply the ethics and values of the profession in all communications and actions, including social media, associated with the performance of their professional roles and responsibilities.

f) Consult and follow advice of a suitably qualified professional from any risk posed to service users by own health.

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