Conversion Courses

Postgraduate Conversion Programmes

Postgraduate Conversion Programmes

Want to change direction?

Are you considering postgraduate study but want to change direction from undergraduate degree? A postgraduate conversion course could be the ideal choice in order to enhance your job prospectus, change career direction or explore a vocational filed.

The first listing below refers to the courses that welcome applicants from all disciplines and are particularly suited to applicants who wish to gain a qualification in a completely different subject area. Examples would be IT or Business programmes which are open to graduates with an undergraduate degree in any area.

The lists by College includes courses with a multidisciplinary focus that welcome applicants from cognate areas/related disciplines. These courses are suitable for graduates who do not wish to pursue a Masters in the same subject as their undergraduate degree, but are interested in using their degree to move into a related area.

Postgraduate Conversion Programmes - All Disciplines


International Accounting Practice (MSc)
Archaeology (HDip in Arts)
Art History - History of Art (HDip in Arts)
Asian Business (MSc)
Asian Studies (MA)
Biology - Marine Biology Conversion Programme (PG Cert)
BĂ©aloideas (HDip in Arts)
Celtic Civilisation (HDip in Arts)
Computer Science - Applied Computing Technology (HDip)
Computer Science - Interactive Media (MSc)
Co-operative Organisation, Food Marketing and Rural Development (PG Dip)
Co-operative and Social Enterprise (MSc)
Creative Writing (MA)
Digital Arts and Humanities (MA)
Digital Cultures (MA)
Business Economics (MSc) 
Electronic Business (MSc)
English (HDip in Arts)
Executive MBA (MBA)
Folklore - Irish Folklore (HDip in Arts)
French (HDip in Arts)
Gaelic Literature (MA)
Geography (HDip in Arts)
German (HDip in Arts)
Greek and Roman Civilisation (HDip in Arts)
History (HDip in Arts)
Information Systems for Business Performance (MSc)

Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (MSc)

Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (PG Cert)

International Public Policy and Diplomacy (MSc)
Irish - Nua-Ghaeilge/Modern Irish (HDip in Arts)
Irish Studies: Identities and Representations (MA)
Italian (HDip in Arts)
LLB Degree 
Management and Marketing (MSc)
Management Information and Managerial Accounting Systems (MSc)
Museum Studies (MA)
Music (HDip in Arts)
Philosophy (HDip in Arts)
Politics (HDip in Arts)
Psychology (Conversion Course) (HDip)
Religion - Study of Religions (HDip in Arts)
Religion - Contemporary Religions (MA)
Social Policy (HDip)
Sociology (HDip in Arts)
Spanish (HDip in Arts)
Women's Studies (MA)

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