Procedures, Guidance, Support

The following resources are designed to assist staff in implementing and carrying out records management functions, including orderly and secure creation and maintenance of records, controlled disposal, transfer to archives, and documented and compliant deletion/destruction. They apply to digital and hard copy records, and complement the Records Management Policy and Records Retention Schedules elsewhere on this site.


Procedures set out how certain records management processes are to be carried out and documented. It is important for audit and compliance purposes staff follow these procedures and record actions taken as required.


Guidance provide advice on records management good practice, on processes not governed by formal procedures. See also FAQs and training materials elsewhere on this site.

Information and Training

Training on rolling out and performing records management processes is in development and will be made available in this section of the website in due course.

Questions, please see our FAQs. If you have feedback or further questions, please feel free to contact us: University Archives: (Ext 2753)

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