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Functions of a University

The Functions of University

“13.—The functions of a university shall include—

  1. The functions of a university are to do all things necessary or expedient in accordance with this Act and its charter, if any, to further the objects and development of the university.

  2. Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), a university—

    1. shall provide courses of study, conduct examinations and award degrees and other qualifications,

    2. shall promote and facilitate research,

    3. may establish by incorporation in the State or elsewhere, or participate in the establishment of, such trading, research or other corporations as it thinks fit for the purpose of promoting or assisting, or in connection with the functions of, the university,

    4. may collaborate with educational, business, professional, trade union, Irish language, cultural, artistic, community and other interests, both inside and outside the State, to further the objects of the university,

    5. shall maintain, manage and administer, and may dispose of and invest, the property, money, assets and rights of the university,

    6. may collaborate with graduates, convocations of graduates and with associations representing graduates of the university both inside and outside the State,

    7. may purchase or otherwise acquire, hold and dispose of land or other property, and

    8. may accept gifts of money, land or other property on the trusts and conditions, if any, not in conflict with this Act, specified by the donor.”

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