Objects of a University

The Objects of a University

The objects of a university are set down in the Universities Act Sections 12:

 “12.—The objects of a university shall include— 

    1. to advance knowledge through teaching, scholarly research and scientific investigation,

    2. to promote learning in its student body and in society generally,

    3. to promote the cultural and social life of society, while fostering and respecting the diversity of the university's traditions,

    4. to foster a capacity for independent critical thinking amongst its students,

    5. to promote the official languages of the State, with special regard to the preservation, promotion and use of the Irish language and the preservation and promotion of the distinctive cultures of Ireland,

    6. to support and contribute to the realisation of national economic and social development,

    7. to educate, train and retrain higher level professional, technical and managerial personnel,

    8.  to promote the highest standards in, and quality of, teaching and research,

    9. to disseminate the outcomes of its research in the general community,

    10. to facilitate lifelong learning through the provision of adult and continuing education, and

    11. to promote gender balance and equality of opportunity among students and employees of the university.

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