Model (H) Volume 3

Volume 3 (H): Hazard Id. & Risk Assessment

How to identify hazards and manage and assess risks

19.1.0 Terminology-and-Checklist 
19.2.0  Risk-Assessment-Methodology
19.4.0 Risk-Assessment-Procedures 
19.5.0 Controlling-Risks
19.6.0 Monitoring-and-Review
19.7.0 Hazard-Identification-and-Risk-Assessment-Flow-Chart
19.10 Basic-Hazard-Spotting-and-Risk-Assessment-Exercise
Appendix IV Occupational Health Hazards 

Volume 3 (H): Hazard Id. [In-depth risk assessment]

19.8 Hazard-Identification-and-Risk-Assessment-Worksheet 
19.9 Risk-Calculator-and-Nomogram-and-Analysis 

The following Appendices provide guidance on how to carry out In Depth Risk Assessment:

Volume 3 (H): Hazard Id. - Action Summary.

19.11 Summary-of-Simple-Actions-Arising-from-All-Hazards
19.12 Risk-Assessment-Summary-Sheet

Volume 3 (H): Haz. Id. Checklists-revised Feb 2015

‌‌‌‌‌‌Normal/Universal Work Hazards
19.3.1 General-Workplace-Safety-Checklist-July2020
19.3.2 Work-Equipment-Machinery-Checklist

19.3.3 Manual-Handling-Checklist-05-03-12

Manual-Handling-Simple/ General MH RA

Note: Form is an aide to more indepth MH RA of complex shaped items or complex activities and in areas such as store rooms, equipment room or post rooms.

Form Manual-Handling-Self-Assessment-Checklist for Indepth MH RA Manual-Handling-Simple/ General MH RA Stress-Checklist
19.3.4 VDSE and Assessment Checklist Feb 2022
19.3.5 Fire-and-Emergency-Checklist-Jan-2022

Appendix X Guide to Fire Extinguisher Use/Selection 

19.3.6 Electrical-Safety-Checklist

19.3.7 Personal-Protection-Equipment-May-2022
19.3.8 Meeting-Rooms-Lecture-and-Seminar-Theatre-Checklist
19.3.9 Movement-of-Workplace-Vehicles-and-Traffic-Checklist
19.3.10 First-Aid-Checklist
19.3.19. This form is ommitted. Employees must notify HR of their pregnancy. HR will then issue them direct with an Pregnancy Job Risk Assessment Form. ( Students and Postgraduates should notify their department and Student health)

19.3.21 Work related travel RA Sept 2020


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