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Q & A for school leavers

Salary in Healthcare system?

See the INMO website salary details:

As student nurses complete an internship in their final year, they are also paid during this time. Currently, the 36-week Internship is be paid at 70% of the first point of staff nurse scale.

Details on Placements – when, where and how long?

Each student is assigned to a primary HSP (Health Service Provider) where they will complete the majority of their placements. In addition, students will be required to complete some of their placements externally i.e. within other Health Service Providers and external sites.

General Nursing students are assigned to either Cork University Hospital, Bon Secours Hospital, South Infirmary Victoria Hospital, Mercy University Hospital or South Tipperary General Hospital.  

Intellectual Disability Nursing students: COPE Foundation

Mental Health Nursing students: Cork Mental Health Services

Children’s and General Nursing students: Cork University Hospital

Midwifery students: Cork University Maternity Hospital

Our Allocations office deals with all matters relating to students’ clinical placement.

Students are required to complete blocks of clinical placement throughout the year. There is a balance between theory and clinical placement; you could have an 8-week theory block followed by a four-week placement block.

There is an internship period in 4th year (and 5th year for Integrated students), during which students would have to complete a 39-hour working week and be treated like regular staff (i.e. you would work at weekends and at night also). The internship lasts for 36 weeks.


We may need to mention the requirement to purchase an iPad and pen here, with budgeting advice. Teresa Wills may be able to offer further advice.

BLS training also has a fee attached. Would need to check updated info with CSSRC on that one.

How much time is spent on campus/online?

You can expect theory hours to run from Monday to Friday anywhere between 9am and 5pm (on the odd occasion until 6pm) with breaks. The timetable changes from week to week-and also differs from one semester to the next.

How many students are on the course?

On average and note that numbers can vary from year to year:

General: 130

Integrated: 25

Midwifery: 27

ID: 28

Mental Health: approx. 40 max.

Which programme is best for me? 

Read up on our information pages and the NMBI brochure:

Attend our Open Days.

Check out postgraduate options also, many of which are available in UCC too...See page 60 onward in the NMBI brochure to see what further education is available to registered nurses.

Can I study abroad? (might need updates given Covid restrictions..)

UCC have an eight week Erasmus Exchange programme which is available, after a selection process, in the 3rd year of the General/Mental Health/Intellectual Disability/Midwifery programmes and 4th year of the Integrated Children’s and General programme.

Advanced Entry/External Transfer queries.

Students in other institutions who hope to transfer to UCC (mostly into Year 2, but some into Year 3). Some info might be handy. 

You may apply for an external (advanced entry) transfer via the CAO. This is not open to those students entering their fourth year of a course. Please note that the chances of a successful outcome are limited as it is dependent on a place being available, the number of transfer applications received, and whether the modules completed in another institution are compatible with those completed by students at UCC. Applicants must have passed all years in their previous University.

For further information please see:


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