Academic Staff

Professor Ursula Kilkelly, Dean of School of Law

Research/ Teaching:  Children's rights, juvenile justice, Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353 21 490 3642.  E-mail

Professor Mary Donnelly

Research/Teaching: Law of Financial Transactions, Credit and Security Law, Medical Law and Ethics

Tel. +353 21 490 2857.  E-mail

Professor Caroline Fennell

Research/ Teaching:  Law of Evidence, Criminal Justice, Terrorism and Organised Crime

Tel. +353 21 490 2547.  E-mail

Professor Steve Hedley

Research/ Teaching:  Private law generally, especially contract, restitution and theory of obligations; e-commerce

Tel. +353 21 490 3990.  E-mail

Professor Irene Lynch Fannon

Research/ Teaching:  Company Law, Corporate Insolvency and Rescue, Corporate Law Theory, Corporate Governance with emphasis on EU-US comparisons

Tel. +353 21 490 2529.  E-mail

Professor Deirdre Madden

Research/Teaching: Medical Law, Patient Safety Regulation

Tel. +353 21 490 2990  E-mail:

Professor Maeve McDonagh

Research/ Teaching:  Freedom of Information, Privacy and Data Protection, Information Technology law, Human Rights

Tel. +353 21 490 2854.  E-mail

Professor Owen McIntyre

Research/Teaching: Environmental Law, EU Law, International Law, Comparative Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2090  E-mail

Professor John Mee

Research/ Teaching:  Property, Equity, Family Property, Rights and Duties of Cohabitees

Tel. +353 21 490 2494.  E-mail

Professor David Gwynn Morgan (Emeritus)

Research/ Teaching:  Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Land Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2532.  E-mail 


Senior Lecturers

Dr Louise Crowley

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

Research/ Teaching:  Family Law, Family Relationships, Family Financial Provision, Intellectual Property Law.

Tel. +353 21 490 3879.  E-mail

Dr Conor O'Mahony

Research/ Teaching:  Constitutional Law, Family Law, Company Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3041.  E-mail 

Dr Áine Ryall

Research/ Teaching:  Environmental Law, EC Law, Landlord and Tenant Law, Tort

Tel. +353 21 490 3201.  E-mail

Dr Darius Whelan

Research/ Teaching:  Mental Health Law, Internet Regulation, Employment and Labour Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3452.  E-mail

Dr Fidelma White 

Research/ Teaching:  Commercial Law, Public Sector Audit, Electronic Commerce Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2176.  E-mail 


Dr Maria Cahill

Research/ Teaching:  Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, European law, Comparative Constitutionalism, Political Philosophy, Relationship between Church and State

Tel. +353 21 490 2343.  E-mail 

Dr Dug Cubie

Research/Teaching: Disaster Law, International Humanitarian Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, International Human Rights Law

Tel. +353 21 490 2223. E-mail

Dr Fiona Donson

Research/Teaching:  Criminal Law, Jurisprudence, Human Rights

Tel. +353 21 490 3159.  E-mail

Dr Bjørn-Oliver Magsig

Research/Teaching: Public International Law, International Environmental Law, International Water Law, Natural Resources and International Security

Tel. +353 21 490 2376. Email:

Dr Claire Murray

Research/Teaching: Medical Law, Welfare Law, Moot Court, Legal Skills & Analysis, Tort Law and Family Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3809.  E-mail

Dr Patrick O'Callaghan

Research/Teaching: Tort Law, Jurisprudence, Law and Social Theory, Research Methods in Law

Tel. +353 21 490 1881.  E-mail

Dr Seán Ó Conaill

Research/ Teaching:  Constitutional Law, Irish Language Law and Policy, Minority Language Rights, Criminal Justice and the Law of Sport

 Tel. +353 21 490 3811.  E-mail   

Dr Catherine O'Sullivan 

Research/ Teaching:  Criminal Law, Criminology, Introduction to the Legal System and Legal Writing

Tel. +353 21 490 3285.  E-mail

Dr Aisling Parkes

Research/ Teaching:  International Children’s Rights, Family Law, Welfare Law, Public Law, Evidence

Tel. +353 21 420 5167.  E-mail 

Dr Bénédicte Sage-Fuller 

Research/ Teaching: Revenue Law, Public International Law, French Law and German Law

Tel. +353 21 490 3812.  E-mail

Mr Declan Walsh 

Research/ Teaching:  Competition/ Anti-Trust, EU Common Fisheries Policy, Free Movement of Persons within the EU

Tel. +353 21 490 2639.  E-mail

Part-Time Lecturing and Tutorial Staff

If you wish to contact any of our part-time staff, please contact the Main Reception in the School (021-4902220 or and your query will be passed on.  Thank you.

NameSubject Area
Alan Cusack Law of Evidence
Alan Desmond Human Rights Law and Law of the European Union
Ann Lynch Business and Commercial Law
Anthony O'Dwyer Introduction to Business Law and the Legal System
Brian O'Reilly Law of Evidence and Law of the European Union
Carole Deschamps Legal Writing and Analysis, French Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law and Commercial Law
Caroline Somers Law of Equity
Claire Jackson Constitutional Law and Introduction to Legal Systems
Claire Mee Law of Equity and Trusts
Eamonn Carroll Legal Studies
Eimear Moroney Property Law
Emilie Ghio Introduction to Business Law and the Legal System
Gary Moloney Dlí Bunreachtúil
Helen O'Connor New Business Governance and Regulations, Law of Torts and Property Law
Joanna Ralston

Social Work and the Law, Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare, Law of the European Union and Family Law

John McNally Law of the European Union
Jonathan McCarthy Banking Law
Julie O'Leary Law of the European Union
Katie Power Child Law: Social Work and the Law
Kevin O'Sullivan Intellectual Property Law
Louise Forde Constitutional Law
Lydia Bracken Legal Writing and Family Law
Mary Singleton Foundations of the Legal System
Mike Ball Revenue and Income Tax Law
Nicholas McMurray Constitutional Law
Pat Barrett Constitutional Law and Public Law
Paul Pierse Law of Contract
Phyllis Comerford Planning Law and Legal Concepts for Heritage and the Environment
Rosemary O'Sullivan Legal Writing
Roz Breen Company Law
Samantha Williams Criminal Law
Sandra Duffy Foundations of the Legal System
Seán Duffy International Law
Sian Langley Law of Evidence and Introduction to Legal Systems
Stephanie McCoy Law and Rights and Legal Writing

Adjunct Professors

The Hon. Mr Justice Frank Clarke

Justice Teresa Doherty

Dr Vincent Power

Judge Anthony M. Collins

Research Staff

Dr Angela O'Connell

Research Centre: Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353-21-490-2538.  E-mail:

Naomi Kennan

Research Centre: Child Law Clinic

Tel. +353-21-490-2539.  E-mail:


Technical Staff

Mr Pat Rice

I.T. / Multimedia Officer

Tel. +353 21 490 2796. Email

Administrative Staff

Ms Mags Walsh

School Manager

Tel. +353-21-490 3414.  E-mail 

Ms Dorothy Appelbe

Clinical Legal Education Co-ordinator

Tel. +353-21-490 3203.  E-mail

Ms Noreen Delea

Postgraduate Programme Administrator

Tel. +353-21-490 3995.  E-mail /  

Ms Emily Delaney

Postgraduate Administrator (LLMs & LLB)

Tel. +353-21-420 5170. E-mail /  

Ms Dympna O’Donovan

Undergraduate Programme Administrator

Tel: +353-21-490 3249

E-mail: D.O'

Ms Lisa Brennan

PA to the Dean

Tel. +353-21-490 2224 E-mail

Ms Aislinn Collins

Administrator (BCL (International), BCl (Law and French) and Visiting International Students (Erasmus & Socrates))

Tel. +353-21-490 2220. E-mail


Undergraduate Administrator (BCL (Clinical), BCL (Law and Irish) & BCL (Law and Business))

Tel. +353-21-490 3220. E-mail TBC

Ms Anne Wallace

College of Business and Law Student Recruitment and Liaison Officer

Tel. +353-21-420 5102. E-mail

Ms Siobhán O'Neill

Bystander Intervention Support Officer



College of Business and Law Research Manager


Contact Details

  Áras na Laoi

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Front Desk/Public Office: / 021-4902220 / AL1.53, Áras na Laoi, UCC


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