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The JCOERE Consortium is led by Professor Irene Lynch Fannon, Principal Investigator and a team based at the School of Law at University College Cork. The Project Manager is Molly O’Connor BCLF (NUI) and the principal researcher is Dr. Jennifer L.L. Gant with Aoife Finnerty LLB MA completing the research team as Research Assistant. 

Consortium partners include the Universita degli studi Firenze, with a team led by Professor Lorenzo Stanghellini with the assistance of Dr. Andrea Zorzi and Dr. Iacopo Donati as research assistant.

The Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, Romania is our second partner managed by Professor Smaranda Angheni, with Professor Ioana Duca, Professor Ioana Panc, Judge Nicoleta Mirela Nastasie and Dr Cristian Draghici.

The Consortium also includes INSOL Europe an international organisation of academics, practitioners and judges focussed on corporate insolvency and rescue. This partnership is led by Dr Paul Omar, Director of Research at INSOL.

University College Cork - Coordinating Partner

University College Cork - Coordinating Partner

Ranked among the top 100 law schools in the world, the UCC School of Law focusses on robust and intellectually diverse research. This project is focussed on judicial cooperation in the context of preventive restructuring. Ireland has 30 years of experience with a process which includes the core elements envisaged in the Directive 2016. Professor Lynch Fannon, based in the UCC School of Law, has published extensively on this process since its enactment in 1990. This knowledge will be an invaluable foundation for the project.


Universita degli studi Firenze

Universita degli studi Firenze

The project required input from a significant civil law country. The School of Law at Università degli Studi di Firenze focusses on cutting edge study and research in the legal field and represents the continuation of the rich tradition of legal studies that has blossomed in Florence since the 19th century. This team is led by Professor Stanghellini, an expert in insolvency law who currently is coordinator of an EU funded research project, “Contractualised distress resolution in the shadow of the law: Effective judicial review and oversight of insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings.” (

JCOERE Team at Universita degli studi Firenze

INSOL Europe

INSOL Europe

INSOL Europe is part of INSOL World, a transnational multi-layered organisation including practitioners, judiciary and academics from across Europe, specialising in insolvent restructuring. The inclusion of this partner gives a much broader geographical scope to the project through the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe. The engagement of the Judicial Wing and the Turnaround Wing of INSOL Europe are key to the progress of the project in relation to data collection, awareness, proactive adaptation of best practise principles and guidelines. Paul Omar, Director of Research at INSOL has experience with the Leiden JudgeCo Project [2013] and CoCo2 Project [2018].

JCOERE Representative at INSOL Europe

Dr Paul Omar

Titu Maiorescu University

Titu Maiorescu University

This partner presents the important experience of more recently acceding countries from former Eastern Europe facing challenges regarding the acquis communataire, the capacity of national authorities and courts to address obligations in the Regulation –which are of direct effect- and awareness of other legal systems across Europe. The Faculty of Law is one of the oldest faculties of Titu Maiorescu University, which was founded in 1990 as the first private university in Romania. Titu Maiorescu University is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country.  This team includes a working judge Judge Nicoleta Nastasie of the Romanian court specialising in this area.

JCOERE Team at Titu Maiorescu University

Advisory Board and Evaluator

The project is supported by an Advisory Board and Evaluator, all of whom are experts in fields of cross-border insolvency or other fields relevant to the project.

The project Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael Quinn, High Court, Ireland
  • The Honourable Judge Anthony Collins, European General Court
  • Mr Declan Walsh, School of Law, UCC EU Law expert
  • Mrs Jane Marshall, Adjunct Professor, School of Law, UCC
  • Professor Gerard McCormack, University of Leeds
  • Dr Emilie Ghio, Birmingham City University 



  • Professor Gerard McCorkmack, Univerity of Leeds. Professor McCormack is also INSOL International Scholar 2020/2021. 

JCOERE (Judicial Co-Operation supporting Economic Recovery in Europe) Project

Professor Irene Lynch Fannon, School of Law, University College Cork, Cork, IRELAND , T12 CC79

JCOERE Partners