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Chapter 6

Survey of Frameworks and Best-Practice Guidelines for Judicial Co-operation

Chapter 6 presents a thematic discussion of the various guidelines and recommendations that provide direction in relation to co-operation and co-ordination of cross-border insolvency and restructuring cases. Chapter 6 discusses 8 different sets of guidelines and recommendations, focusing on their approaches to the sharing or obtaining of information; disclosure requirements; asset co-ordination; the mechanism of co-operation and communication methodology; and the notification and service of official documents. Chapter 6 will therefore extract issues that are relevant to court-to-court co-operation focusing on how these issues may arise in the context of restructuring (preventive or otherwise).

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JCOERE (Judicial Co-Operation supporting Economic Recovery in Europe) Project

Professor Irene Lynch Fannon, School of Law, University College Cork, Cork, IRELAND , T12 CC79

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