Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Student Health Department

The Student Health Department is situated in Ardpatrick House, next to the student car park on College Road.  A confidential health service is provided free of charge by the University to any student requiring medical care. This service is available during office hours, Monday to Friday.  It is not intended to provide a full General Practice service and students are advised to register with a General Practitioner (doctor). The Student Health Centre closes at 4.15pm. However, there is an emergency phone number - +353 21 4542551 - where doctors are available on a rota basis between 4.15pm and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Students are liable for charges, which may arise from the use of this emergency service. 

Facilities provided at the University are geared for the special needs of students in relation to physical and/or psychological health.

There is also a physiotherapy service available which is open to students at a fee. A doctor’s letter is required for referral to this service:


After hours we recommend that students contact Southdoc. This is a scheme that the majority of GPs (general practitioner) in Cork city subscribe to. There are two Southdoc city centre clinics, which service the city after hours.  It is designed for patients who need to see a doctor but don't need to visit Accident and Emergency hospital, after 6pm, through the night or at weekends. Basically, each GP in the scheme takes turns at covering an on call duty. Patients have access to a GP service during anti-social hours.  Patients will see a doctor, but it won't necessarily be their own. If you're too ill to travel to the centre then the doctor will come to you.  There is a charge for this service but it is at the standard GP rate.

Phone: 1850 335 999

Public Health Care

Anyone who is “ordinarily resident” in Ireland can access the public health care system - regardless of nationality. To be considered “ordinarily resident” you must show that you intend to stay in Ireland for at least one year (eg by showing your Immigration Card).

Please note that waiting lists in the public health service are extremely long and patients can wait for long periods of time for treatment. For this reason we recommend that students obtain private health insurance. 

Private Health Insurance

Students are advised that it is highly desirable to have cover for private Medical care. In the case of visa requiring students it is mandatory before a visa will be issued. Such cover would ensure that a student has choice of doctor, choice of hospital and choice of hospital accommodation in the event of illness.

Options for Private Health Insurance

The great majority of International degree students arrange private health insurance in advance of their arrival in Ireland.

Purchase of Health Insurance Online

Students may purchase health insurance by logging on to the Health Insurance section of our site.


Occasionally, students will need to import prescribed medication until they can source an alternative supply in Ireland. The maximum amount of imported medication permitted is 3 months’ supply, which must be cleared through Customs by the Irish Medicines Board. Customs will only clear medication that is licensed for use in Ireland. 

Drugs Payment Scheme

Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, an individual or family in Ireland only has to pay €144 each month for approved prescribed drugs, medicines and certain appliances for use by that person or his or her family in that month. The amount is determined from time to time by the Minister for Health and Children. If you have a GP Visit Card or do not have a Medical Card you should apply for a Drugs Payment Scheme Card.

This scheme is aimed at those who don't have a Medical Card and normally have to pay the full cost of their medication. It also applies to those who have a GP Visit Card. Anyone ordinarily resident in Ireland can apply to join the scheme, regardless of family, financial circumstances or nationality. Being ordinarily resident in Ireland means that you have been living here for a minimum of one year or that you intend to live here for a minimum of one year.

The definition of a family for this Scheme, is an adult, their spouse, and any children under 18 years. Dependents over 18 years and under 23 years who are in full time education may also be included. Everyone ordinarily resident in Ireland without a Medical Card should have a Drugs Payment Scheme Card.

Dental Treatment

Dental treatment in Ireland must be paid for. Students of the University can attend the Dental Hospital for a check-up from Monday to Friday at 09.00 - 10.00 and at 14.00 - 15.00 respectively. Treatment requirements will be explained to you and you will be contacted with an appointment at a later date. The time between your first visit and the appointment can vary depending on the type of treatment you require.

Dental students and dental hygienists working under supervision can provide a full range of dental treatment.

An up to date price list is available on the website:

Student Counselling

Student Counselling and Development is located, along with the Student Health Department, in Ardpatrick House, next to the student car park on College Road.

Counselling and support is available for students who require assistance in dealing with problems, which may be blocking their academic and social progress in college.

In addition, throughout the academic year, developmental workshops are provided for students who wish to develop skills and knowledge in areas such as assertiveness, self-esteem, stress management, time management and study skills.

To contact the Student Counselling and Development service for further information or for an initial appointment:

Telephone Number: + 353 21 4903565

Text: 087 2152505




Drop-in to Student Counselling and Development, Monday-Thursday: 9.30 - 13.00 and 14.15 - 16.15.

There are also a number of online services available to assist students available on the website.

Personal Safety

The Global Peace Index consistently ranks Ireland as one of the most peaceful places to live. You can view this ranking on their interactive map by clicking here.

Cork is a relatively safe city for its size. However, as in any other city, normal precautions regarding personal safety both on and off campus should be taken.  If leaving the campus after dark, avoid poorly lit areas or areas that are not frequented by the public.  Thankfully life on and about UCC campus is almost incident free. 

A Campus Watch Service operates in the university and its objective is to make UCC a safer place in which to study, live and work. 

If you notice anything suspicious on campus contact:

  • the Co-ordinator, Campus Watch (phone: +353 21 4902479)
  • General Services Office (phone: +353 21 4902265);
  • Security at the reception desk in the Science Building (phone: +353 21 4902267);
  • Security at the Reception Centre (phone: +353 21 4902266) or any security person.

What advice do An Garda Siochan (Police Force) give about student personal safety?

Please click the following link for advice that An Garda Siochan (Police Force) provide: stay safe on campus 2018

Emergency Services

Fire, Police, Ambulance and Coastal Rescue, Mountain and Cave Rescue: Dial 999 or 112 and ask the operator for the emergency service you require. There is no charge for this service, unless it is used in appropriately. These numbers are operational from mobile phones even if you have no credit. Full details of how these services operate is available at

Fire alarms

If a fire alarm sounds it is imperative that you comply fully with regulations, co-operate with staff and evacuate the building immediately.  Do not re-enter the building until clearance has been given to do so.  Please note there is a substantial fine for failing to comply with fire alarm procedures. 

International Office

In the event of an Emergency such as death/bereavement, serious illness or accident you may need to contact a member of the International Office Staff.


Office hours: Monday – Friday 09.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 17.00 (GMT)

Phone: +353 21 490 4734

After hours: Telephone Campus Security/Reception at +353 21 490 2266

"Night Line"

Nite line is a confidential listening service for students.  Details are available at


SouthDoc is a service to provide you with access to family doctor services for urgent medical needs. They operate outside of normal hours - evenings, nights, weekends and bank holidays. SouthDoc also provides a call out service to those unable to travel.

Phone: 1850 335 999

International Office

Oifig Idirnáisiúnta

Roseleigh, Western Road, Cork, T12 R229

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