Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass Officially Launched

20 Sep 2022
President John O'Halloran officially launched Your Compass on 20th September 2022

Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass or Your Compass for short, the flagship initiative of the Graduate Attributes Programme has officiallly launched.

In partnership with multiple academic and professional services units across the university, this self-assessment tool has been created to support and facilitate students in the development of their attributes and values. The learning experiences available on the platforms have been curated by over 20 professional services and academic staff, with the aim that all students are facilitated through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learning to develop their graduate attributes and values, in a manner reflective of their personal goals and programme of study. The development of this self-assessment tool was a key action and priority of UCC's Academic Strategy 2018-2022, and we are delighted that students will get the opportunity to discover Your Compass from this semester.



We want our UCC graduates to be recognised as well-rounded, curious, self-aware individuals who continually learn new skills, are open to new ideas, and make things happen. As a UCC student, you belong to a dynamic and diverse community where many, many people wish to support you on your learning journey. Here at UCC, we liken this journey to the growth of an acorn to an oak tree. The “Acorn to Mighty Oak” metaphor symbolises your academic, personal and professional development journey throughout your time at UCC. Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass supports you to consider your holistic development, through your formal curriculum and through the many ways that you can grow, develop and become at UCC.

Your UCC Graduate Attributes and Values Compass can shape your whole student experience. Developing your graduate attributes and values incorporates all parts of your life, from your course studies or research, from co-curricular activities such as participating in the UCC EmployAgility Awards and from extra-curricular activities such as a part-time job or membership in a UCC club or society. This is life-wide learning.

Developing a strong set of graduate attributes and values will help you to flourish and to be more successful in your studies and research, in your career, and in your contribution to the community and society. While you study at UCC we will help you to develop and learn. Your attributes and values will continue to strengthen and grow after you leave, whatever path you choose. This is lifelong learning.

Life-wide and lifelong learning is impossible unless you also make it your own journey of personal development. Learning cannot become life-wide and lifelong without being ‘life-deep’. Finding personal meaning in what you are learning allows you to integrate and act upon what you have learned.

Developing your graduate attributes and values, through your unique lifelonglife-wide and life-deep learning journey, will enable you to become the person you want to be and allow you to make your contribution to the world.

Your Compass launched on 20th September 2022 at an event hosted in the Dr Dora Allman Room. President John O'Halloran officially launched the initiative. Dr Eithne Hunt, former GAP Academic Advisor along with Adel Coleman, GAP Manager discussed the importance of Your Compass and how it can positively impact the student journey through UCC. The room was decorated with yellow and purple flowers that have found a home in flower beds across the campus. Thank you to our Horticulture team for supporting us in chosing and planting them. Thank you to our talented musicians who provided entertainment throughout the launch; Stephen Kennedy: Flute (3rd year BSc Medical and Health Sciences), Eilis Needham: Harp (2nd year Mathematical Sciences), Eve Whelan: singer/songwriter (2nd year Music) and Paul O’Keefe: singer/songwriter (2nd year Mathematical Sciences). 


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