Virtual Launch of Nurturing Bright Futures

12 Mar 2021

After many months of design and development, we are delighted to share the Nurturing Bright Futures programme with you!  We are holding the virtual launch on Monday 22nd March at 3pm on

This unique pre-entry transition in programme has been developed by the Graduate Attributes Programme at University College Cork, in close consultation with internal and external stakeholder groups. This innovative six module course will provide a robust framework for students’ self-reflection and self-directed learning in preparation for their transition into third level study. This innovative online programme will be relevant for all Senior Cycle students, from Transition Year right up to Leaving Certificate, and has been designed with all pre-entry student cohorts in mind, from the domestic to the international student.  It also features bespoke content for students who will access third level education as Mature Students, International Students and through the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) scheme.

This open access programme has been created as a one-stop-shop resource to equip prospective students with the information they need as they prepare to transition in to third level education. It will empower and enable them to make informed choices and decisions for their next step beyond secondary school. While it draws on examples from University College Cork, the content is transferable across the HEI landscape and applicable to students who are considering studying at any higher education institute.

The six modules include:

Module 1: Picking a Course that is right for You

Module 2: Degree Choices and Future Careers

Module 3: Decision-Making Styles

Module 4: Transitioning to Higher Level Education

Module 5: Realities of University Life

Module 6: Graduate Attributes and Values

The modules on subject choices, decision-making styles and on degree choices and future careers have all been designed to help the graduate of tomorrow make the right career and life choices for them.  The modules on Transitioning to Higher Level Education and the Realities of University Life focus on practical considerations and give tips and insight on how to prepare and how to optimise the student experience. The module on graduate attributes and values focuses on the transferable and transversal life-wide, lifelong and life-deep skills needed to make a meaningful contribution to our communities, our society and local and global economies.  

Nurturing Bright Futures is the result of collaboration with over 20 internal academic and professional services UCC teams, including our Students’ Union, as well as with Guidance Counsellors, a key external stakeholder group in this space. This self-reflective, self-directed course will give prospective students the opportunity and space to understand more about themselves and to get to know more about higher education and UCC. Designed to be taken over the course of a number of weeks, in bite-sized format, it will help students acquire the skills and tools they need to successfully make this transition, through the use of multi-media including: videos, podcasts, articles, worksheet exercises, quizzes and other helpful resources.

It is also resource for Guidance Counsellors/Educators and Parents/Guardians, to help them to support their students and young adults to successfully navigate and negotiate this important transition.  It can be used in a 1:1 or group setting, and the modules can be taken in whatever order works best for the student. Now more than ever in these unprecedented and challenging times, this resource will seek to optimise student empowerment, self-determination, student success and a sense of taking ownership and control over their future. UCC has listened to our Guidance Counsellor colleague and our industry partners and Nurturing Bright Futures is the first step in their journey to becoming future-ready.We have also developed a bespoke Guide for Guidance Counsellors/Teachers and a Guide for Parents/Guardians which can be accessed on our website: 

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