6 Jul 2021

Congratulations to the winners of this year's School of English Undergraduate Awards, who are listed below.

The Louise Clancy Memorial Prize 

Winner: Robert Lyons 

Dissertation Title: “Shades of Meaning: The Didactic Role of Ghosts in English Literature” 



The Éamonn Ó Carragáin Prize 

Joint Winner 

Name: Aoife O’Sullivan 

Joint Winner 

Name: Shannagh Whelan 



The Patricia Coughlan Award 

Winner: Robyn Coombes 

Essay Title: “The Maternal Burden: An Ecofeminist Consideration of ‘The Last Rabbit’ and ‘The Women Turns Herself into a Fish’” 

Highly Recommended: Sarah Byrne 

Essay Title: “‘To the Women Hovering’: A Discussion of the Representation of Gender and Biological Sex in Seamus Heaney’s North” 


 The School Undergraduate Awards (2nd Year) 

Winner: Ciara O’Connor 

Essay Title: “Bell, Book and Candle as a Queer-Coded Text” 

Highly Recommended: Grace Morey 

Essay Title: “Psychoanalysis Meets Aesthetics: An Analysis of the Uncanny in The Monk and We Have Always Lived in the Castle” 

Highly Recommended: Ellen Lahiff  

Essay Title: “How The Black Vampyre and Carmilla Incorporate and Respond to their Respective Cultural Anxieties” 


 The School Undergraduate Awards (3rd Year) 

Joint Winner: Maria Quirke 

Essay Title: “‘Spurning at Slavery’: The Influence of Abolitionist Literature on Mary Wollstonecraft’s Rhetoric of Motherhood in Maria; or The Wrongs of Women” 

Joint Winner: Cian Egan 

Essay Title: “Archaic Motherhood and Primal Fear: How Ridley Scott’s Alien Evokes the Abject” 

Highly Recommended: Rachel O’Connor 

Essay Title: “The Flower of the Mountain and the Old Maid: Anxieties about Aging in James Joyce’s Ulysses” 

Highly Recommended: Joseph Linehan 

Essay Title: “The ‘Helenic’ Element: Helen of Sparta and Gendered Myth in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats” 

Highly Recommended: Sonja Lauren Murphy 

Essay Title: “A Comparison of Genettean and Post-Genettean Narratology, with Reference to Little Constructions by Anna Burns” 

English Department

Roinn an Bhéarla

O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork. Ireland