School of English and Digital Humanities Welcome Event

22 Oct 2021

The School of English and Digital Humanities Welcome Event took place on Thursday October 21. 

Staff and students gathered (online!) to welcome new colleagues and celebrate achievements within the School.

We celebrated new publications from Dr Maureen O'Connor, Dr Clíona Ó Gallchoir, Dr Máirín MacCarron, Dr Eibhear Walshe, Dr Anne Etienne, Dr Adam Hanna,  Prof Claire Connolly and Dr James O Sullivan.


The School also celebrated two major research achievements:

Prof Claire Connolly was awarded UCC Researcher of the Year 2020 and Dr James Lewis Smith won UCC Open Researcher of the Year 2020.

The event also saw the presentation of School Undergraduate Awards to students who produced exceptional essays last year.


We also had a reading from Maeve Joy Taggart, winner of this year's Eoin Murray Memorial Scholarship 

A full list of the awards conferred can be found below


The Patricia Coughlan Award 


Name: Robyn Coombes 

Student Number: 120225471 

Essay Title: “The Maternal Burden: An Ecofeminist Consideration of ‘The Last Rabbit’ and ‘The Women Turns Herself into a Fish’” 

Module/Lecturer: EN3007 The Natural World in Irish Women’s Writing/Maureen O’Connor 

Highly Recommended 

Name: Sarah Byrne 

Student Number: 119469242 

Essay Title: “‘To the Women Hovering’: A Discussion of the Representation of Gender and Biological Sex in Seamus Heaney’sNorth” 

Module/Lecturer: EN2006 “Northern Irish Literature and the Troubles”/Adam Hanna 


The School Undergraduate Awards (2nd Year) 


Name: Ciara O’Connor 

Student Number: 119465766 

Essay Title: “Bell, Book and Candle as a Queer-Coded Text” 

Module/Lecturer: EN2006 “All of Them Witches”: Witchcraft in the American Popular Imagination/Miranda Corcoran 

Highly Recommended 

Name: Grace Morey 

Student Number: 119717211 

Essay Title: “Psychoanalysis Meets Aesthetics: An Analysis of the Uncanny in The Monk and We Have Always Lived in the Castle” 

Module/Lecturer: EN2006 “An Introduction to Gothic Literature”/Anne Mahler 

Highly Recommended 

Name: Ellen Lahiff  

Student Number: 119439234 

Essay Title: “How The Black Vampyre and Carmilla Incorporate and Respond to their Respective Cultural Anxieties” 

Module/Lecturer: EN2006 “An Introduction to Gothic Literature”/Anne Mahler 


The School Undergraduate Awards (3rd Year) 

Joint Winner:  

Name: Maria Quirke 

Student Number: 118359853 

Essay Title: “‘Spurning at Slavery’: The Influence of Abolitionist Literature on Mary Wollstonecraft’s Rhetoric of Motherhood in Maria; or The Wrongs of Women” 

Module/Lecturer: EN3072 Romantic Literature/Clíona Ó Gallchoir 

Joint Winner:  

Name: Cian Egan 

Student Number: 118392916 

Essay Title: “Archaic Motherhood and Primal Fear: How Ridley Scott’s Alien Evokes the Abject” 

Module/Lecturer: EN3007 American Science Fiction/Miranda Corcoran 

Highly Recommended 

Name: Rachel O’Connor 

Student Number: 117434072 

Essay Title: “The Flower of the Mountain and the Old Maid: Anxieties about Aging in James Joyce’s Ulysses” 

Module/Lecturer: EN3007 Reading Ulysses/Heather Laird 

Highly Recommended 

Name: Joseph Linehan 

Student Number: 118357963 

Essay Title: “The ‘Helenic’ Element: Helen of Sparta and Gendered Myth in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats” 

Module/Lecturer: EN3007 The Writings of W.B. Yeats/Alex Davis 

Highly Recommended 

Name: Sonja Lauren Murphy 

Student Number: 118369661 

Essay Title: “A Comparison of Genettean and Post-Genettean Narratology, with Reference to Little Constructions by Anna Burns” 

Module/Lecturer: EN3007 Experimental Fiction/Alan Gibbs 



The Louise Clancy Memorial Prize 


Name: Robert Lyons 

Student Number: 118748505 

Dissertation Title: “Shades of Meaning: The Didactic Role of Ghosts in English Literature” 


The Éamonn Ó Carragáin Prize 

This prize for outstanding undergraduate work in Old English is awarded to the student (Joint or Single Honours, or Major, or BAEN) with the highest grade in EN2012 Old English Language. 

Joint Winner 

Name: Aoife O’Sullivan 

Student Number: 119397246  

Grade: 91% 

Joint Winner 

Name: Shannagh Whelan 

Student Number: 119427094 

Grade: 91%




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