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External Examiner Sub-Committee

General Purpose

The Sub Committee for External Examiners assures probity in the appointment of external examiners for taught awards, undergraduate and postgraduate (including dissertations), and advises Academic Board on enhancing institutional engagement with external examiners and their role at UCC.

The sub-committee also provides a forum for debate and for the dissemination of information on international good practice in external examining.

The sub-committee shall consult with relevant University Officers as appropriate in relation to specific items and issues of potential significant impact to the University (particularly in relation to resources). 

Terms of reference

On behalf of Academic Board to:

a) Approve nominations for external examiners for taught programmes while ensuring compliance with appointment procedures and forward details of appointments to Academic Board and to the National University of Ireland (NUI) for noting.
b) Consider and refer regulatory issues or matters of principle relating to external examiner appointments to the Academic Board for consideration as appropriate.
c) Maintain a register of External Examiners and ensure external examiners are duly appointed to all taught UCC awards.
d) Consider and suggest options for enhancing institutional engagement with external examiners and their role at UCC.
e) Ensure that academic units and Colleges respond as appropriate to the External Examiners reports, alerting the Deputy President and Registrar to urgent matters requiring attention and to receive an annual report on these recommendations from each College.
f) Prepare an annual consolidated report based on the reports returned by each College or unity (ACE, IMI etc) and in consultation with the Registrar on matters identified by external examiners in their reports or as a result of quality improvement processes in UCC and propose policy or procedural adjustments as appropriate.

Other Business as required

g) To submit to the Academic Development and Standards Committee minutes from each meeting and to report on specific matters as appropriate.

Frequency of meetings

The Sub Committee shall normally meet up to 4 times per year or as directed by the Academic Development and Standards Committee


Appointed by the President

Dr Síle Ní Mhurchú

Deputy President and Registrar (or nominee)

Dr Orla Lynch

2 members of Academic Development and Standards Committee (Nominated by the Committee)


Ms Elizabeth Noonan


Ms Eleanor Fouhy

2 members of Academic Council nominated by Academic Council 


To be confirmed

  Dr Lawrence Dooley

COMH Representative

Professor Anthony Roberts 

Committee Secretary:

Provided by Academic Affairs and Governance


Academic Affairs and Governance

Gnothaí Acadúla agus Rialú