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UCC has a rich culture of non-academic related activities organised and managed by individual students or student groups, or by services and departments other than the students’ home academic unit or school. UCC has over 100 student societies, over 50 clubs and an active, vibrant Students’ Union. These groups along with the opportunities provided by some non-academic UCC offices and departments, all adds up to a potentially very large number of students participating in a large number of events and activities on a daily basis throughout the academic year.

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This content is only applicable to UCC Student Led Activities. The templates, training, procedures and arrangements referred to in this document are specifically tailored to UCC Students and do not apply to UCC Staff. Staff should refer to


Event Plans and Risk Assessments - Student Activity


Events and trips require a plan and risk assessment to be completed and approved before the event. 

Templates for event plans and risk assessments and a guide for risk assessment are given below.


Student Activity - Event On Campus - Plan & Risk Assessment Template

Student Activity - Event Off Campus - Plan & Risk Assessment Template 

Student Activity - Trip - Plan & Risk Assessment Template


For overnight trips, a health declaration should be completed by each of the travelling party. The declarations should be stored confidentially for the duration of the trip and either returned to the relevant travelling parties or destroyed immediately after returning from the trip.

This is the responsibility of the trip organiser.

UCC Student Activity Health Declaration Form



Hazard, Accident and Incident Reporting

*Note* This is only for use by clubs / societies / students union and other student led activity

A Hazard is a potential source of harm or adverse health effect on a person or persons.

The purpose of hazard reporting is to try to stop accidents before they occur. Students should be aware of their surroundings to prevent injury if possible. By reporting an uncontrolled hazard in advance of any accident or injury occurring you are helping to ensure the safety of yourself, your club / society members, and potentially the wider UCC community.

An Accident is defined as an unplanned event arising out of or in the course of a student activity resulting in personal injury or property damage.

The Accident / Incident Report Form must be completed whenever an accident or incident occurs which results in injury, no matter how minor or damage to personnel or property.  If personnel or property were not injured or damaged then the near miss selection should be used on the form.

** The Accident Report form is being updated. If you wish to report an Incident/Accident/Near Miss in the meantime, please email it to and either DSPA/Socs Office or SU

Health and Safety Manual for Student Activity

This Health and Safety manual is a document created by the UCC Health and Safety Officer for Student Activity, with input from the UCC Student’s Union, UCC Department of Sport and Physical Activity, UCC Societies Office and the UCC Student Health and Well-being Department.

For all student run events the safety, health and welfare of all students should be secured by the provision of a safe place, safe equipment, safe procedures, competent people, adequate supervision and foreseeability of adverse events.

Safe practices will be secured by the manner laid out in the manual and the specific risk assessment for the activity.

Health and Safety Manual for Student Activity


Contact List

Student Activity Health and Safety Contact

Name Role Contact

Maura O'Leary

Health and Safety Officer for Student Activity

Student Experience Office

Eispéireas na Mac Léinn

The Hub, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork